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Thread: Canadas problems

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    Canadas problems

    I thought you guys had problems then this guy came along.

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    Off to the Tower of London with that cheeky bloke!
    Nobody is permitted to outdress Her Majesty
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    This picture is of no concern to me but I'm divided on Trudeau. Anything good he's done has been balanced by bad IMO. But I still prefer our problems. I would have preferred Mulcair.
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    Speaking of O'Canada;

    Areas of Canada have started passing laws that allow persons of specific religions to be exempt from laws that all other Canadians are required to follow.
    Now, I'm not talking about men wearing religious headgear in places that others not of that religion cannot - but close.

    There are places in (or all of) Canada where anyone riding a motorcycle is required to wear a helmet. I presume everywhere that requires this; is reasoning that it may save peoples lives and/or lessen injuries and medical costs; and thus they force this requirement on everyone.

    But they are starting to exempt Sikh men who wear a turban from having to wear a helmet. So are they showing favoritism to Sikh MEN over all other men and women (including Sikh women)(thus gender discrimination as well) or intimating that their cloth headwear will protect as well as a helmet - or - are they saying it is better that Sikh men have a higher chance of death or major injuries and costs than non-Sikhs and Sikh women motorcycle riders.

    So where am I going with this?

    If the 2nd amendment is ever struck down here in the USA: I'm going to move to Canada.
    From a website: Carrying a handgun in Canada without authorization is very illegal and there is virtually no way for you to get authorization to do so without having a job which requires it.
    So after reading that you would think - ya won't be any better off in Canada; BUT.....obviously there can be an exemption for anyone whose religious beliefs say otherwise.

    So I will find (or start) a religion that requires all followers to carry a handgun at all times...Congregation now being accepted!
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    Quote Originally Posted by old w/?? View Post
    If the 2nd amendment is ever struck down here in the USA: I'm going to move to Canada.
    That's the spirit!

    I know your only joking... you're not a movie star or anything.
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    I think the only reason we have helmet laws is to keep us alive to pay taxes. If a Sikh doesn't need one is his life less valuable? You can't put a helmet over the turban? Either way it doesn't bother me but I get your point. However it would be difficult to qualify this as a new religion.

    The worst thing about Trudeau IMO is he's running us in debt to the World Bank and more concerned about his standing with the UN and global trade deals then actually solving aboriginal humanitarian issues. It looks like he's working for New World Order.

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    Maybe it's a requirement for men visiting the Queen to wear a Queen dress similar to having to wear those slippers when visiting castles in Europe (the part of Europe on the other side of that watery thing between Britain and France or whatever).
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    Been the law around these parts for some time

    Are they promoting a life saving device for everyone else but Sikhs – and is this a government plot ?
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    Sikhs fought hard for this. They can wear turbans in any job. Although now that I think about it what about firefighters, divers, hazmat workers? Makes you think of what one could be exposed to while committing to a turban.
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    Well that is Kanuckastan for you. I am wondering what they will do for all those Siamese that make up so much of Vancouver.

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