Don't Eat So Much Animal Fat!
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Thread: Don't Eat So Much Animal Fat!

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    Don't Eat So Much Animal Fat!

    Well, folks... At age 64 I just had a Quintuple (5-way) heart bypass "event". Yep! All new plumbing! Fortunately, I never had a heart attack, and no heart muscle damage. I was a guy who ate fatty meat 3 times a day for a good 30 years. Fatty desserts, doughnuts and Oreo's with whole milk.
    Never again!.

    I'll not disrespect the surgeons and the medical staff who saved my sorry [email protected], and also this second chance at a long life!

    Its been 5 weeks and I'm already on a Mediterranian/pescatarian diet! I'm also riding my bike every other day at least a solid and brisk 5 miles.
    I was 260 when I went in and am at 230 lbs (6' tall) and need to get to 185-190.
    Don't make my mistake!
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    I'm glad you got a second chance and that you're listening to the docs.

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    Read The China Study if you are not already familiar

    Congrats on your wise decision I quit meat in 83 and never missed it

    Oh and Hemp Hearts for protein and balanced Omegas not to mention all the other Hemp benefits sans the THC

    the average meat eater has different 6 meals in their diet the average vegetarian has 75
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    Congrats on catching it early no heart damage. I got one stent at 55 ( no damage) and I am fit and not over weight. I would add reduce eating sugar. Also keep your teeth and gums clean. I neglected my teeth for years. Now I have the best gum heath since My twenty’s. I think bad gums cause a lot of heart disease. The bacteria in your gums can cause inflammation leading to plaque and hardening of the arteries. Some saturated fats are ok according to recent research. Think real food and not processed. Olive oil not others and butter is ok even bacon but not too much preservatives in it. 11 years with clear arteries so far.
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    Olive oil (big in mediterranean diet) and more so coconut oil are very healthy. I've been hearing lately that fat being bad is misleading an incorrect. Some fats are good and cause no health risk or weight gain. Th Inuit and northern aboriginal peoples eat mostly moose meat and seal and claim to be very healthy. I think mindful moderation would be a better suggestion unless you've already compromised your health. At which case a purge of fats and processed sugars/complex carbs might be a good idea. For that matter eating anything processed should be avoided completely.

    We all should take a more proactive approach to our diet and exercise. With all the conflicting data out there it's difficult to know whats best but what's most important is trying.

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    being I'm old and overweight, someone once told me that as humans we have no flesh tearing teeth so we were never meant to eat meat. I don't know if its true or not.?

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    A guy can go nuts trying to figure out what is good diet and what is not. But I'm convinced of regular exercise, proper weight, no/low sugar, (except in certain whole fruits/berries) healthy fats, a bit of mammal meat, lots of fish and veggies. And don't over eat at all.

    And then again, I might be all wrong

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    I think its pretty easy to figure out. Look at a person and then look in their grocery cart.
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    I'm down to one bottle of Captain Morgan a week from my average 2. Can't really say my health has improved but I'm seeing a lot straighter. Now I have to go back and redo a few things I built...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterb View Post
    I think its pretty easy to figure out. Look at a person and then look in their grocery cart.

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