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Thread: The Dog Thread

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    I have 3 dogs and a cat all from the shelter. I support the shelters and it's hard to not bring home a new dog every day... We go almost every weekend to play with all the dogs.

    We don't get snow very often so we decided to go play

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    good for you palm state crawler, I always like when people like to adopt/save a pet. I have no problems with people going to breeders and stuff, theres just so many good pets that could use a home is all.

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    Howdy All,

    Me and the Boys, Trick or Treat...............

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    How have I not seen this thread earlier!!!

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    great looking dogs guys!!!

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    This is Havoc, our almost 3 year old Mastiff "puppy" (she sure acts like it still)

    Playing guard dog

    And here she is with her older sister Anarchy

    They are wonderful dogs, the best protectors anyone could ask for (but the younger one likes to chew still and gets separation anxiety real bad when I'm gone)

    Our last house was very close to the road, with the porch parallel to it. The dogs would sit outside the front door on the porch, backs to each other, each looking up the road in opposite directions
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    Here are some pics of my dog family.

    Here is my first dog Dewie.. lost him in 2006.

    Addison joined the family in 2005, thought Dewie needed company, most of the time she just annoyed him

    Addison found an escape route from her kennel.. till she got too big.

    Dewie and Addison out for a Drive

    After we lost Dewie, thought Addison needed a new buddy.. she had the same reaction at first to Angus as Dewie did with her..

    Angus checking out the dishwasher.. look at those ears..

    Angus trying on Dewie's Doggles.

    He loves the hot tub floating on his boogie board.

    Then there were 3. Addison and Angus had a litter of 6, this little one wormed her way into the family and stayed

    The whole family chillaxin in the sun. I call them the White Flash..

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    Feb 2012
    My Jack Russell, Sunday, passed out on a disc golf driver.

    My three cats, all who were strays (Trouble, Mojo, and Fiddle left to right), admiring the T Dub out back....

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    NW Mich in summer & SW Mich in winter
    This is Murphy, my Golden Retreiver.
    He was a cute kid at 8 weeks.

    Then the teen years hit. He was a rebel without a cause.

    And he became known around town.

    He had a short stint as a male model.

    But that really wore him out.

    Most of all he is a totally awesome companion.

    He's 12 yrs old now and the best pal ever.
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