I have been gone for about a month or so
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Thread: I have been gone for about a month or so

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    I have been gone for about a month or so

    From this site. It was not through my own choosing. I came to the site one day and could not get in.
    I tried and tried but was not accepted in. Your damn junkyard dogs would not accept my password no matter what I did.
    I wen't through the lost password procedures more times than I can remember and was not accepted.
    I chose this new name by putting the 12 on the end of it to open a new account. The damn dogs still wouldn't let me in or even admit that I had an account.
    I gave up! I cannot beat the damn overprotective electronic dogs.
    Then I recieved a message from TW200 forum which showed that I actually had an account here. I tried to register but was turned down.
    I again tried the lost password method and on the second try was admitted.
    Suffice to say all this has been way too much trouble for me so this is the ONLY message I am leaving here.
    The frustration of trying to get in , using the correct password and being refused is something I won't deal with any more.
    This is one of the better forums I have been on but I won't fight with your junkyard dogs anymore.
    Adios. Phelonius

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    You shall be missed. fishes.gif
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    Dang electronic dogs! I was an active member on one of the Victory Motorcycle forums for years. Someone hacked the site and swapped peoples passwords - I tried for almost 2 hours to get in, and couldn't. I have not been back to that site in close to 2 years! Of course thats about when I joined here so this place replaced it. I had finished my Victory anyway - it seriously has every farkle known to man. But if I was still going to that forum I'm sure I would have found more must haves -
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    He had had a lot of computer related problems - even back when he was in Hawaii. Now that he had gotten rid of his TW and went with a Suzuki Van Van; I guess the gremlins really went after him!
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    yes this site could use some improvements, it's not like the good old days when you could post a picture or log in. we'll miss your sense of humor around here!
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