Where's the Justice?
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Thread: Where's the Justice?

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    Where's the Justice?

    Some years ago a very fine couple, good friends of my wife, were brutally murdered by their young daughter.
    I really liked these people and had taught their daughter to juggle when she was an innocent sweet sixteen. Tried and convicted in a much publicized case she was sentenced to 40 years for this horrible crime.
    Yesterday I found out she is not only being released early and that a major motion picture being planned for her, but she may be eligible for the millions of inheritance that was the motive for the original murders.
    This is one movie I don't plan on seeing.
    Collateral damage is a younger brother who shared the promise of a wonderful future with his sister untill she took away his loving parents and bright future. These were some really nice respected and influential people.
    This was not a simple case, don't know how you feel about redemption and the human spirit but this really bothers me.
    Thus my silly video postings yesterday as an attempt to distract my mind...but it isn't working.
    Here is some of the background:
    "Daughter jailed as society murder trial shocks Brazil"

    Once upon a time among my wanderings a shaman, or medicine man, had me toss the bones and then read my future while peering into my soul. One of his observations was that my guiding spirit was Xango, the god of thunder, lighting and justice. I guess my sense of justice is strongly offended and I would like to toss a lightning bolt or two...not only at the killers but also the media and others who would profit from the evilness that can lurk in the human spirit.
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    what a crappy story, sorry for your loss Fred. i am a firm believer in an eye for an eye. in this case it would be 2 eyes
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    Murder your mother and father then beg for mercy because you are an orphan.
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    Sorry to hear Fred she will have to pay for her sins in front of God. No way around that.
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    Sometimes there is just no justice and it sux!
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    Very sad and personal to you story Fred. And here we're worried about sharks, bears, and wolf's being dangerous to humans. Humans are more dangerous to humans than anything I can think of.
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