becoming a woman to save on car insurance
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Thread: becoming a woman to save on car insurance

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    becoming a woman to save on car insurance

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    I kind of like the rebel in him...or her.
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    Brilliant! I read that article earlier this morning. If only I could do the same for my upcoming PT test!
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    Where will it end?

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    Hey – whatever floats your boat

    In the UK it’s unlawful to discriminate by sex, which is why females now have to pay as much for insurance as males, and can no longer retire (get their pensions) early – equality in everything

    Perhaps not quite what they were after, but they asked for it, and got it – how could we as a sexually equal democracy do anything else ? ……
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    I don't understand how in certain jobs: men must have short hair and are not allowed to wear an earring (because it will interfere with their ability to do their job) - but their woman co-worker doing the exact same job right beside them can have long hair and wear an earring. I just don't know how this is not discrimination based on sex (gender) and has not been outlawed by court cases over here.

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    I catch chix whizzin' in the mens room at the pub all the time. But if we even think about returning the favor........
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    Where do I sign?

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    If I had his/her address I would send a bottle of Midol.

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    albertans have alwas laughed in our faces about how much cheaper their insurance was than ours. he/she must be an exceptionally bad driver to have to pay that much. maybe he/she will be a better driver as a female, they'll like him in jail. only in alberta!
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