Old school indoor supercross
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Thread: Old school indoor supercross

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    Old school indoor supercross

    Shame we can't have fun things like this in the modern nanny-state climate.
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    I remember choking on the 2-stroke smoke in Seattle's Kingdome back then. It got pretty thick indoors.
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    No dirt? No trouble! That was pretty clever how they got around it.

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    That's sick! Ive never seen that. In a way im kinda glad that never took off. There are enough racers taken out from injury with dirt to crash on
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    I remember choking on the 2-stroke smoke in Seattle's Kingdome back then. It got pretty thick indoors.
    The Kingdome was so small. I was up in the 300 level and could still read Bill Walsh's lips telling Joe Montana how to kick our ass. Sound, smoke, exhaust fumes, nowhere to go. At races and monster truck shows, the cloud would cover the 300 level and half the 200 level before the event was half over. Free buzz for the price of admission. Wasn't sure if it was the fumes or the four 64oz Rainiers that the old man was puking for.

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