Sea Foam video!
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Thread: Sea Foam video!

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    Sea Foam video!

    Worth watching weather a fan or not!


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    I'm a believer. I put it in the gas of all my vehicles 3 or more times a year (1oz per gallon).
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    Big fan of Sea Foam..and StaBil.
    I'm going to try the injector cleaner & oil-sludge cutter in my 60,000+ miles V8 Tundra. I already dose it with SF in the gas every third tank, to remove any trapped condensation water drops.
    My TW, MGA, and all gas fueled yard equipment are now 100% E/0 gas.
    Sunoco recently put a no-attendant station near me...E/0 91 oct. gas & 110 octane race gas. They are mid-way between a drag strip and a dirt roundy-round "stock" car track that are 5 miles apart.
    A visit to that little station is often a rolling car/bike show. With either my TW or MGA red roadster right in amongst 'em!
    There was a late model Vette in there filling up the other day. It was so "cammed up" it would hardly idle and it was loud.
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    I mix a bit of Stabil with premium gas and run it in all of my small engines. Motorcycles, lawn mowers, snowblowers, etc. And since I started doing it I haven't had a single carburetor problem. Good enough for me.
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    Should have got some carb cleaner and shot it their and tried to clean the inside of that throttle body. It was nasty lol...... I use carb cleaner and a old tooth brush for that type of things. That Ranger looks like its been abused for sure.
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    Always liked seafoam to "flush" older engines of unknown history, add a few oz to the oil, give it an Italian tune up (ride the snot out of it), then change. Oil usually comes out super dark and cruddy. It's also good at clearing up minor hiccups with carb'ed engines, like if there's a little hesitation or flat spot or something, it can avoid having to do a carb rebuild, but if there's severe issues it's not going to work a miracle.

    Damn stuff has gotten expensive in the last few years from all it's internet "fame". It used to be like $4-$5 a can, now it's more like $10 most places. Wally world is the cheapest I've seen it for $8. There's all sorts of knock-offs now that all use very similar looking cans. I've used the Gumout version and it seemed to work just as well, but it's half the price.

    The little 50cc Vino gets Sta-bil (just the original red stuff, not any of the specialty versions they have now) at every fill up. It's new enough to be 4 stroke, but not new enough to have EFI. The carb'ed 4 stroke 50's are notorious for running problems after even brief lay-ups. The jets are just hilariously tiny. It's the runabout scooter at the parents cabin, so it sits for weeks/months at a time without being run and in 7 years, never once had so much as a hiccup from it, and it's always full of e10 gas too so definitely believe in the merit to Sta bil.

    For comparison, the neighbors have a vino 125 (after I bought my mom the Vino they thought it was the coolest thing ever and had to get their own). I advised them to also use sta-bil, but they forget roughly 100% of the time. I think I've cleaned the carb out twice in the past few years, and it never seems to run right. I'll give it a heavy dose of seafoam in the gas (which usually helps) when I'm around but half the time it's parked because it won't start or run properly. So the sta-bil definitely works.

    For my TW and Valkyrie, I use them often enough I don't bother with additives. There isn't much of an "off season" for riding in Texas.
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