For the lack of a better word STUPID drivers.
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Thread: For the lack of a better word STUPID drivers.

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    Angry For the lack of a better word STUPID drivers.

    I finished working on the Wee this afternoon and decided to go for a spin to see how it all felt and it was warm and sunny out.

    On my way home I need to go through a school zone - 30 kmph from 8 am to 5 pm and there are students everywhere along the road.

    This person decides to pass me on the right using the bicycle lane to get around me.
    I use "person" as the rules for the forum state that we can not be prejudiced or biased.

    They had to stop at the light so I pulled along side on the right and gave them my opinion of their driving.
    Those words cannot be repeated here as it would also break the rules.
    When the light turns green they meekly proceed.

    This is the second time in the last month that I have berated a driver for the lack of driving skills. The other time a person was turning right onto the main drag just after the light turned green for us. I was in the left hand lane and they proceeded to cut the driver in the right lane and then me off to get to a left hand turn lane. I followed them until they stopped and then the person began giving me shit until I forcefully told them they nearly hit me - then they apologized. This could have been bad if I had given it gas like I some times do when I am at the front.

    Just needed to vent.
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    I must agree there are a lot of stupid people behind the wheel and the sad part if many don't even realize what the stupid thing is that they have done! I once heard a comedian say that all drivers should be issued a dart gun with suction cup on the darts and every time you see someone doing something stupid you would tag the back of their car with one of the darts. Then at some point down the road when the police see some driver with too many darts on their car they would be pulled over and be given a ticket for being stupid!
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    Very good on keeping it PC for the sensitive and PG for the kids. I would have been a rule breaking filthy floran filthing foul filth fouly filthy foul. To say the least. We have a few gold mines in our area and the mine traffic is left hand due to the cabs and size of equipment. You'd be surprised how many forget to become American again once they leave mine property. $#!+#[email protected]> $0n$ of &!+<#3$.
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    Sometimes a hard boot-heal smack in the driver's door is called for and effective.
    Yes, I know all the risks, and it's not nice, just sayin'.
    I guess twice in 62 years riding is not *too* bad...
    Those will probably be the last, I'm gettin too old for that shite. Besides, these days seems like everybody is packin heat!
    Some of the old school Harley riders still carry a few old spark plugs or half-inch ball bearings in their jacket pockets for just such monkey business...I hear they are pretty hard on windshields.
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    People are getting worse, esp the snowflakes out their now. Everyone is on their darn phone. But the only thing you can do with low risk is report then. Have a camera/phone take pics. But Hitting cars or chasing and yelling at someone is a high risk of getting killed. With how bad.... the US is divided from political brainwashing/etc.... your just playing Russian roulette physically confronting people. Why take the risk. Riding leisurely keep a gopro rolling then report people to the police. Video evidence hopefully they will look into it. Or send the video to the news crew maybe they will air it and someone who knows them will call them out for their crap. Hate to sound like a wuss but I was one of those guy's who carried those ball bearings, but as you get older you learn that's not the right way or Christian way to live you life.
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    In this day and age I find it is way better to just let stupid be and do as they please because we can't fix it. I drive defensively and do not get too upset or flip anyone off any more. A few years back I did have an altercation with a real AH and it was my first and hopefully my last run in with Road Rage. The guy pulled a gun on me and my wife because I flipped him off for passing me on the right shoulder. It is absolutely not worth getting dead over. Calm down, grow up and just let stupid be stupid.

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    On Sunday, I was that dumb-ass...........

    So here is my experience. I was out for a cruise Sunday after having dinner with my family. We were celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary and it was a beautiful afternoon for a ride. I was on the 500X and just doing some spirited back road cruising while enjoying all of the fresh pavement laid down over the summer. Late in the ride and destined for home I got behind a jacked up white 4X4. We were both cruising along in a 55 mph zone and I was comfortable staying behind him because his pace was similar to my own. After quite a few miles he indicates a right hand turn "a little abruptly" while braking and sliding as far right as the narrow 2 lane highway would allow. I decide to slide to the left side of our lane since he had created plenty of space for me. As I get to his rear quarter panel I notice a car approaching a stop sign from the road he is about to turn onto. I only saw it VERY briefly as his truck was lifted for off road riding.

    My job has me driving about 50,000 miles a year so I am no stranger to the average Joe's driving habits. Having said that, I anticipated that the driver approaching the stop sign may take the opportunity to roll through the sign "since a large truck was blocking the lane" and turning onto his road. I started braking since I was now beside the truck and sure enough out pops a little green Subaru wagon. As soon as he sees me he comes to afull stop in the middle of the road. He was literally parked sideways on the yellow line! NOW I have to really get on the brakes and I lock up the rear wheel. My bike did not come with ABS so as my rear tire began to slide to the right I released it just long enough to straighten the bike and locked it down again. I was already giving as much front brake as I dared on the fresh blacktop.

    I had slowed enough to make a judgement call. I to this moment am not sure if I could have stopped completely before hitting the Subaru but there was a moment where I identified a large space in the far left side of the opposite lane that I could safely go around the front of the now stopped car. I do not remember downshifting but I must have because I released the brakes, gave the bike a touch of throttle and cleared the car easily before returning to my lane.

    Several thoughts have crystallized since this incident. The first is that I do NOT blame the driver of either vehicle. I have done both of the same things they did "late decision to turn" and "roll through a stop while thinking how perfectly timed that turning vehicle arrived" . The second is scarier. If I had been on my old CBR instead of my 500X I would have never even seen the other car approaching that stop sign! The ability to see and be seen saved my ass on Sunday. I have no doubt I would have plowed into that Subaru at full speed on my old bike because although this driver never saw me at all, the upright and taller nature of an adventure bike allowed me to see him. Had I been on the TW I may have seen him as well but I doubt the brakes on our TW's would have allowed me to slow enough to avoid hitting him.

    Be safe out there and don't be in such a hurry when you are going nowhere fast.

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    I thought about buying a used NASCAR for my commutes. I'd love to use the "Chrome Horn" (bumper) on a few ignorant drivers once in a while.

    Nothing dangerous or anything, just a little bump and run. (secretly I would love to see them "crash out" as long as they don't get "physically hurt").
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    A.B.S. Bright clothing,flashing headlights,loud horns....None of them is as good as an alert set of Mark 1 Eyeballs!
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    Tom....good to hear this ended well for you!
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