ham radios?
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Thread: ham radios?

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    ham radios?

    I recently bought a handheld ham radio, and I even passed the test for a technician license.
    But that really doesn't teach you how to use it, if anyone has any suggestions on a good book, or something to help I'd appreciate it.
    There is a club over in Grand Junction but that's a long drive. I was hoping someone who is coming to town next spring might give me a few tips.
    I did check on youtube but didn't find much there.
    O.K. thanks
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    I would join the group even though its a long drive. I’m sure they will talk you into buying a base station. Lol

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    I am also a licensed ham or amateur radio operator. Welcome to the hobby. It can be as much as you put into it just like TW200s or any other hobby. Since you are licensed, I would suggest joining a local club and get involved even if long term it’s not your thing. Yes they will probably suggest getting a better radio especially if your first purchase was a $30 Baofeng. Let me know what radio you did purchase. If you need help with programming the radio, finding repeaters or clubs in your area or other questions feel free to ask me or PM. Good luck.

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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    The obligatory RR link: https://forums.radioreference.com

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    Senior Member bad luck's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Moab, Utah
    Thanks for the links Top Predator and nihil, I hadn't seen those before. I pm'd FishByte and hopefully he will share some of his expertise with me.
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    Although I'm interested in TW200's, don't have one yet. But ham radio I've been in since 1979. Yah I had to learn morse code to 13 WPM back then to get anywhere with it. And I got up to advanced class license. N4ISF And when I got into it programming didn't exist on radios, they usually had lots of knobs and switches instead. And the handheld radios were bulky crystal controlled things with very limited channels. Although technology was rapidly advancing and it wasn't long before they were shrinking and becoming wide band with lots of features. But programming is generally a matter of getting the instruction book, either paper or online, and reading it, following the instructions. I got one of those fancy yeasu ft7 radios some years back and it was loaded with programs, never did learn them all, still have to go back to the book to figure out how to change things.
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    ARRL has lots of information as that is the national assoc. for amateur radio
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    Congrats! I've had my tech license since 8th grade. Need to get my General Class, but there are a lot of ways to enjoy the hobby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuber View Post
    ARRL has lots of information as that is the national assoc. for amateur radio
    Arrl sent me a quick start guide, but I am trying to meet someone who can show me a little more in person.
    I'm going to meet with some guys from a 4x4 club in Arizona next week and maybe one of them can show me.

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