How long have you been riding motorcycles? Old timers speak up!
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Thread: How long have you been riding motorcycles? Old timers speak up!

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    Question How long have you been riding motorcycles? Old timers speak up!

    Just curious...

    54 years for me and have loved every minute of it. I still get the same smile on my face every time I ride one just like I did 54 years ago...

    I actually used to start up and ride my dad's Cushman scooter when he was called away to sea duty for months at a time when I was 10, but we won't count that or tell my dad, okay?

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    I won my first motorcycle in a poker game at the University of Ga in 1964.

    I guess that works out to 54 years for me too...

    And, my name is Tommy...
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    40+ years, started riding mid 70's
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    2 weeks. I'm new to riding.
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    8 years and I'm 58. I bought my first TW a couple months before I turned 50 then an FZ6 for my 50th birthday. Some times I wish I had started earlier but then again I'm pretty sure I would have killed myself.

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    50 years (isn't that like 350 in dog years?)

    This was my 3rd bike . . . . .

    1948 Harley-Davidson - 3.jpg
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    A mere 42 years - passed my test in 1976, so probably another year needs to be added to that

    Experience = hours in the saddle + terrain variety - you can make up your own mind about that .....
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    42 years for me also. started when I was 14.
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    Only 50 years but I'm only 55. Posted this before, but one more time. Me at 5 with my Honda 50. NEVER been without at least one bike since. Best thing Dad ever got me into.
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