Awesome WW II era monster 6x6 Dodge Power Wagon build!
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Thread: Awesome WW II era monster 6x6 Dodge Power Wagon build!

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    Cool Awesome WW II era monster 6x6 Dodge Power Wagon build!

    I haven't posted anything on here in a while. I've really been enjoying this video. Man Jay Leno is a cool guy. I really like the way he thinks about mechanical shit like this. A real, classic gear head for sure. The same goes for the guest on the show (the builder) -- I'm a huge fan of his minimalist-utilitarian-practicality build mind-set. Love it! I wish we could get trucks like this today. Soon they will all be gone. Self-driving electric is the relatively near future... Savor these old beasts while we can, I say!

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    Cool. Coincidentally I just discovered this similar WWII vehicle the Volvo Sugga. They don't make'm like they used to.


    I can't attach the image for some reason but it is also made as a 6x6, with a truck bed or as a four door.
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    I like that Volvo. Looks like its right out of Road Warriors.

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    I enjoy watching the auction shows, Mercum and Barrett/Jackson. I always have loved the 1960-1970 Muscle cars and a few of the imported sports models like Austin Healy.

    Restomod vehicles are about as hit and miss as you can imagine. Builders can spend countless dollars and hours on a great old classic and if the right buyer or buyers are there they can make a nice profit. More often than not the right buyers are not there and I have seen some fantastic deals go across the auction block and sold for less than half of what they should have or what went into the builds.

    I also think IMO it is kind of sad. I saw a real sweet and very low mile 1963 Corvette split window coup sell for a cool quarter million and in all honesty it will go from one garage to another and likely never be driven again. Some of the cars my buddies had back in the 1960s while in HS would bring ridiculous dollars today if well preserved. I watched out in front of school on lunch hour the richest kid in town with his brand new Shelby AC 427 Cobra with under 100 miles wrap it around the big Elm tree doing a hole shot to show off. That thing crumbled like an accordion and they had to cut him out of it. His sister had a Shelby GT 500 Mustang that was a gorgeous car and probably never drove it over the speed limit but she was a rather ugly girl in a really pretty car. Daddy owned the dealership and a few of the other big businesses in town.

    I have bout a few super nice older TWs with ridiculously low miles and as close to showroom perfect as they could be and then was afraid to ride them just because I wanted to keep them pristine and with low miles. I also had a few well worn TWs I brought back to solid runners and decent condition I rode the crap out of before I sold them.

    I am not a big TV watcher but the show Last Man Standing with Tim Allen and Jay Leno is my favorite. Both are big car guys and I sure would love to get in both of their garages.

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