What hobbies do women have?
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    A friend was complaining his wife and the women he knows have no hobbies apart from shopping and gossiping. I sat down and wrote out my wife's hobbies - she has more than me.

    My wife;

    Plays piano and guitar and is continually learning new songs

    Likes to learn new things to cook and bake

    Teaches English three times a week as a volunteer

    Is learning to ride my motorbike (the TW)

    Learnt Chinese last year

    Collects stamps (wtf?)

    Knows enough about politics to vote intelligently enough that people ask her opinion on who to vote for

    Follows politics in my home country and our current country

    Reads the Economist on the toilet

    Reads Scandinavian police procedural novels for fun

    Corresponds in Russian and Uzbek (she studied both at college) with penpals

    Writes letters in longhand (no email) to most of her family at least once a month

    Watches CSI so well that she was able to run a CSI class at her last school

    Takes care of our house and children and garden (within the limits of our small apt).

    Supports half a dozen missionaries in prayer and finances.

    Sorry my friend doesn't know any decent women.

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    My wife is close to the same.....has many hobbies.....outside of keeping the house up, chores, and raising 3 kids (me and our 2 boys ) She does more in a days time than I do.

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    My fiancee rides her klx with me and watches alot of tv if she's not working. Getting her a bike was the smartest decision i've ever made. She liked riding on the tw with me but I like riding offroad more than streets. She does work 40hrs a week though so I cut her slack for having to watch every single tv show.
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