"New" Jeep Gladiator -- not really a fan
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Thread: "New" Jeep Gladiator -- not really a fan

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    Thumbs up "New" Jeep Gladiator -- not really a fan

    It's okay, I guess, but it's essentially just a customized Wrangler: not a real truck at all IMO. People have already been basically doing the same thing themselves with stock Wranglers for several years. I have seen some of those that look nice, but this one does not look good IMO. I've never liked the look (or lack of proper utility...) of long trucks with short beds. That seems a little pointless to me. If the bed is basically the size of a compact SUV's trunk area, why not just get an SUV, LOL. And come on, the JL is long enough; this thing's frame is THIRTY ONE inches longer!?!? What the hell. That's a damn Jeep limousine...

    Personally, I see this as a cheap, poorly considered attempt to get into the truck market. It might do well because of brand image that's already there. I'm sure there are plenty of people who couldn't care less about actual usefulness: they just want a Jeep that's a truck...even if it's really not, and even if it's only going to Starbucks and the mall. Okay, okay, that was a low blow. I'm sure some people (maybe even a lot) will like it, and maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't get it. I predict that it will do well initially just because it is different and the niche-buyers will bite fast, and then sales will decline fairly quickly over the years. Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky or something.

    What do you guys think? Completely agree? Completely disagree?
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    Will a TW fit in the bed ?
    Don't think so with the tailgate closed ?
    We have a Little Guy off road camper,
    Which we tow with a truck.
    Perhaps the Jeep truck would be good for this?
    However two bicycles barely fit in a 6 ft bed,
    Along with a cooler, water, grill, charcoal, fire bricks, etc.
    Two doors and more bed would better appeal to our needs.
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    I don't like it at all...it has some bits for off roading but with that wheelbase and overhang it won't go far on uneven ground.....I much prefer the factory kit to convert a JK Unlimited into a kind of pick up..... I am a Jeeper and have had one since I was 13 but I am not interested in this one..

    No doubt it would be fine in snow, mud, sand....I wonder if they took it over their Rubicon Trail near Lake Tahoe ?
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    I agree KJ. Your getting old and cranky.
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    Might sell if they can keep a frame under it . I'll keep my F-350 diesel.
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    Fiat ran a Gladiator test mule all covered to avoid spy shots through the Rubicon back in August of this year.

    Now there is lots of publicity shots. I'm not impressed but expect to see lots of them soon clogging road to ski resorts and Costco parking lots.
    They call it a midsize truck. Too bad no one still makes a compact truck anymore. My newer Tacoma seems huge compared to my first fun with Toyota pick-ups, the Stout. Double wall bed construction, bed hooks, practical tailgate, could haul a pair go enduro bikes, etc. Why are there no more Stouts?7fbe291ac001d361c86a055bc6f7e494--toyota-x-toyota-trucks.jpg
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    I LOVE IT!
    I'm sure the 2 door version WILL look amazing sitting in front of Starbucks, but it would look even more amazing with me sitting in it in the middle of a mud puddle......(probably waiting for The Admiral to bring the Wrangler to pull my stuck ass out!)
    Sometimes I really miss you, but then I can't remember where I buried your body.....

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    I don't believe they intend to offer a two door version...if they do....I will need to take a more careful look ..the two door is why I prefer their factory conversion kit for the JK Unlimited...

    I am impressed it crossed over the Rubicon...it worked out for Julius....
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    A two door version...wouldn't that be a Jeep Comanche?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bryce Winnick View Post
    A two door version...wouldn't that be a Jeep Comanche?
    A two door version would be more like a Scrambler, and that would be awesome!

    The Comanche was based on the Cherokee, and is a whole different animal.
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