Super blood wolf full moon eclipse
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Thread: Super blood wolf full moon eclipse

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    Super blood wolf full moon eclipse

    January 20 should provide good visibility throughout North America of another good lunar eclipse beginning around 9pm eatern time. Last January I watched eclipse from some hot springs in central Nevada with a herd of wild burros for company. Maybe you folks can plan something better. Moon is a bit closer in it's elliptical orbit so earns the "super" destination.

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    Like the good meteor showers and night time eclipes, we here in the northwest have so many cloudy skies we seldom get in on the celestial fun.

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    Just last night while letting the dog out for last call I happened to look up and WOW. This was the first clear night in a while and every star above was shining bright. Not much of a moon but every star was there. We often miss there stellar events here in the NE also but if it had been last night it would have been great albeit very chilly at around 16 degrees. Fingers crossed for clear skies on the 20th.

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    That's what we need, a moonless, star, satellite, space station, constellation, ufo watching group ride far away from light pollution.
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