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    "Thanks so much. Still a real rollercoaster ride. Should be moving into a 'new' home by the end of February and then perhaps the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual rebuilding will gain a bit more momentum. Take care. May Health and Happiness follow you always."
    The above is most of a message I was attempting to sent to those of you that contacted me personally or through the Go-Fund-Me account started by Brian. Go Fund me has a process that i am not familiar with so going from A to Z has presented me with some hiccups. Attempted to send each of you the message quoted above but quickly got the sense that the message sending function was setup more for the founder than the recipient. Instead of continuing and perhaps creating some confusion and awkwardness, i will conclude with this final follow-up
    ================================================== ================================================== =
    ==Suspect more than a few of you have suffered some profound loss in your life. Seems with such events, what is most needed is time and faith that healing will take place, but your yesterday will never be seen as the same. Saskia and I have been a couple sharing the same roof for the last 17 years. There were a few minor hiccups along the way, but generally they were easy to set aside and ‘forget’. As a few of you suggested, with major life events, relationships can be stressed, amen! Not to belabor personal issues, but should your cup runneth-over, don’t be afraid of asking for help. We had the first visit with our ‘relationship mechanic’ a couple of days ago, time will tell.
    == As with this entire event, we have been very lucky. Certainly much more so than some, as our insurance made money, pretty much a non-issue. With that statement, let me add; if you are a renter, not a home owner, PLEASE, get renters insurance. As a young man the insurance concept seemed silly. Dramatic events can take away all the physical stuff. Ideally you have close at hand Friends and Family, but sadly our sense of completeness often includes things like pants, hammers and motorcycles. Please, think of the unthinkable and revisit the concept of preparedness.
    ==Our ‘new’ house is located 50 miles south of Paradise. Yuba City grew with the gold rush and is now a pretty substantial valley town. Seems we have traded the danger of wildfire, for the danger of flood. Ironically, soon we will live a block west of the infamous Shanghai-bend on the Feather River. This was the sight of a major levee break back in the early 50’s. Over the years, much work has been done to further develop and improve the levee system. Rest assured that being mrgizmow, will mandate that a plan be put in place. A pull down ladder in the attic hatchway, an appropriate tool for breaking though the roof, some fresh drinking water, life vests, flashlights, rope a communication device, well, you get the picture (:-). Have generally enjoyed shopping, but frequently it has involved lots of research and study. Not sure how much time I want to piss away looking for the best bang for my buck. On the plus side, my electric bike is operational. Installed Ride-On in both tires, added Mr. Tuffy strips between tubes and tires. Purchased a ram mount for my new gps so i am good to go. As we will be less than a block from a levee maintenance road access path there will be lots to explore. Then of course there is the ‘urban matrix’. Likely that will take some getting use to. In Paradise we had a modest 1/2 acre, now it is a paltry 6700 square feet. Won’t have lost much in the way of shop space as the garage is extra large, and I get half. Bet it will be easier to keep warm and all my new tools will be only a few steps away, so no dodging rain drops when working on projects. Have had a couple of inquiries as to whether or not we will need help with clean up. The burn sight is nasty as the fire was said to be over 4000 degrees as a result of the wind. Alloys in metal, plating, and paint have likely released all sorts of toxins into the ash and soil. Right now, Paradise is truly a very sad place to visit. Your offers of help and expressions of concern are much appreciated. Will still try personal contact with PM’s on the forum.
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    Take care my Friend.........

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    This is good to hear, Gerry!


    p.s. I did receive your message through GoFundMe
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    Here's to gaining more momentum Gerry! tost.jpg
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    that's good news gerry, may your new home provide you with happiness and security.
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    Thanks for the update Gerry...sounds good.
    Keep us posted!
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    Much love Mr Gizmo

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    Godspeed to you and all the folks down there who have to struggle and start over. I'm sure your determination will get you through just fine. As you say, Take Car, my Friend.
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    Glad to hear you now have a new home Gerry.
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