Heading home
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Thread: Heading home

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    Heading home

    Wish me well as I attempt to get up I5 home. Currently at the 7 feathers casino and hope to stop for the night some where around Seattle. Currently a blizzard at home, schools closed. Suppose to change to rain. About an inch going over Shasta pass, mostly bare in right lane, but travellers were being cautious. I guess they don't have winter tires. BTW, I have winters it's the other drivers I am worried about.

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    Safe travels! In the Ottawa area we're expecting it to start soon and have 16" by morning....glad we work and live at the same location!
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    Good thing you aren’t “trying” to stop here on your return. We got a couple more feet of snow over the past 3 days. Ann another foot possible starting tonight. Safe travels on the route you are on.
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    Safe travels what with having to share the interstate with the inexperienced and the unprepared.
    Dropping into Portland on a steep hill one wintery dawn the nearly deserted interstate was glazed over in solid ice, as bad as I have ever seen. I was rolling along in the number 2 lane using compression braking to limit my speed build-up when a civilian speeder and an Oregon State Trooper bracketed me. Both were spinning out of control as they passed me left and right. Made me kind of nervous watching them get closer in the rear view mirror like a slow motion impending disaster.
    May the other drivers just leave you alone and let you drive home safely!
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    Good luck Bud! Hear I 5 is clear. No new snow today. Have had about 10 " over last 4 days, AND its an EMERGENCY to our governor who wants to be prez>
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    Whidbey Island, WA
    Have no fear. Here on Whidbey Island we started the day with snow and by noon the vast majority had melted. I-5 should be good but can’t vouch for the roads north of Mt. Vernon. Did hear Bow and Sedro Wooley got 4.5” last night.

    May you travels be safe and the idiots stay parked.
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    Safe travels! I got home Friday from AZ. Was not able to get the motorhome all the way to my house due to snow, got it to it's "spot" 2 days later...This is quite the winter!
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    Here in the NY Catskills mountains snow is pretty common from November through May. The very first snowfall every November is like training day on the roads. The fools who did not get snow tires and the others who never learned how to drive on snow and ice are the culprits. I stopped to help a gal who could not get up a very slight hill this year. Thought about hooking my tow strap but then I looked at her tires that had zero tread and cords showing. I just told her to get the car towed to the nearest tire shop because if I get her to the op of this hill she has 4 more bigger ones she won't make it over. I find it unbelievable that people would take their lives and the lives of others in their hands driving on not just no snow tires but completely bald tires. IMO she had no excuse such as she can't afford new treads. It was a nice Audi fairly new and she was making calls on a new I phone 10.

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    I never made it over for that beer. Hope your travels home are safe. Look forward to catching up with you somewhere down the trail. :-)
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    Senior Member ejfranz's Avatar
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    I5 was clear through Tacoma up to almost Bellingham, but with the temp at 34 and too many idiots speeding there were still accidents that ended up shutting down the I5 in a few spots. On my detour there was a sign indicating single lane traffic ahead ( fire truck diagonal on the road block the lanes), but people still tried to get by the line forming at extremely high speeds almost causing a T-Bone)
    Started at 6:30 AM yesterday and was home by 3 AM today. GPS took me on a not so impressive route to get around the shut down. Another camp fire story.
    It started snowing a few miles south of Bellingham and was sticking on the out skirt of Bellingham bring travel to a crawl. So I head up to Linden and over to Sumas.
    White out conditions at time dropping my speed to 25 mph and was able to get up to 40 mph once. Truck was being pushed all over the road. At one point I startled the centre line so when I heard the rumble strip I could correct. Boarder guard did not ask too many questions and I doubt he wanted to get out of his both.
    Glad I had good All Weather (3 peak mountain snow flake) tires and 4WD.
    2001 TW200 sporting a MT43 up front. Duro has gone to a good home. 2015 VStrom XT, 1996 DT 200, Broken 2010 Xingue 400 XY. 2009 WR250r now shared with my son.

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