Pro Motorcycle Pushing
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Thread: Pro Motorcycle Pushing

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    Pro Motorcycle Pushing

    There has to be a point where you decide to either get a trials bike and learn to hop around like Toni Bou, or decide you're just going for a hike instead.

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    Did you see Jarvis motor thru that section? He learned those techniques and timing on a trials bike in a safe area and now he is an amazing rider on a full size bike in rough terrain.
    Everyone could benefit from learning that very first “trials move” balance. Practice engine off, It’s free and won’t annoy the neighbors.
    Things get so much easier when you can start feet up, ready to go instead of picking your feet up and then getting going.
    Wait on the log hopping, you first have to wheelie to blip, zap or splat. Wheelies hurt more, practice balance, find your center.
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    For those like me that were non-off-road riders until joining group rides with forum members - there were many MOAB moments that FELT like this.
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    Honestly, I'd love to get my hands on a trials bike. It looks like a really fun way to bust your ass.

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    Sometimes I think.. If I was 30 years younger and had the right bike.....And then I watch that........I'm ok with being 61 with a T.W. and a KLR.
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    Pro level skills are simply amazing. I love watching the 'Hard Enduro' and crazy 'enduro cross' stuff on tv. As a youngster, I wasn't much into motocross, but loved riding through technical woods, over logs and boulders... to the point that I managed to rip the footpeg mount off the bottom of the Suzuki TM75... a bad thing as there was no frame under the eng/trans... the foot pegs mounted to the cases directly... rode around with feet on cases for a long time before finding someone who could Heli-Arc it. Got a new Suzuki 100 in '77 and promptly ripped the kickstand mount off the frame trying to go over a two foot high boulder. Never repaired, slid over stuff better. What do kids know of skidplates! I don't remember ever seeing one back then.
    Search 'Travis Pastrana Trials Bike' on Ytube and see a little of his skill. Childhood hero... Malcom Smith... HE could do it all back then.
    I bought my TW to rekindle some of my long lost (or at the least very rusty) off road bike handling skills. My KLR reminded me of the fun that falling in a puddle on some muddy, slick, rough, ATV ruined trail could be. Replaced with a Super Tenere... my rusty skill set and keen (foolish... idiotic?) sense of adventure have been getting me into even more trouble. Fun as that is, it's tiring to pick up the 600 pound bike four times in a mile. I need more practice!
    It's never too late to be assimilated...

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