Cycleists don't wear armor
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Thread: Cycleists don't wear armor

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    Cycleists don't wear armor

    Our daughter. Her Drill Sargent Sir asked, "what did your daughter think of boot camp"? 82nd air Born hurrah! We explained to him she was a level 9 gymnast and boot camp was a walk in the park for her. She had fun! It wasn't the answer he predicted. Ha. She participated in her first triathlon this mourning and she crashed her bike at twenty mph. It's going to leave a mark. I prayed that she wouldn't get ate by a shark during the swim. She worked very hard for this race and well ---. She goes in for surgery on Monday. Nothing life threatening. No broken bones. Serious laceration on back side of her forearm. Thankful for a helmet. She hates hospitals so much she had both her children at home in the bathtub! Something her drill Sargent couldn't have done! God speed Tracy!
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    Man, San...I'd love to meet your daughter!
    I admire strong, tough, smart women.
    She going Airborne?
    Got her Wings yet?

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    SanDue - So sorry to hear about Tracy's crash & pray for a speedy recovery for her. She sounds so driven and so amazing, I bet she will set a record in healing! I have had that very conversation countless times with fellow bicyclists, including my wife (5-time iron woman), about bicyclists not wearing armor - when they tell me how dangerous dirt biking is. After explaining that when dirt biking, most riders are covered head to toe in armor & can slide along dirt & rocks & not get a scratch vs cyclists in lycra clothes & a chunk of one use foam on their head with likely. Having done numerous triathlons, & full ironman I also experienced the risks & close calls which are usually on the bike portion and largely due to close riding while in aerobars - where the bike handles poorly. The more dangerous part than the race is the countless training miles riding with other bikers & vehicles that are distracted, or don't yield to bicyclists. We all pray for Tracy's recovery & ongoing safety.

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