Told ya! Still Winter!
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Thread: Told ya! Still Winter!

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    Told ya! Still Winter!

    So remember way back in March when everyone was bellyaching about spring not being here and how that groundhog was a damn liar? Well, once again, this is why I follow chief meteorologist Sergei the Siberian Yak. If he has dreadlocks hanging from his ass, then Winter will last until at least Memorial Day. (He always has dreads hanging from his ass.) Anyway, drove home the other day in a full on white out blizzard. Ooh, and guess what? More snow forcast all next week. That Mother Nature is a fickle bitch. Hey, if you don't like the weather in northern Nevada, wait 10 minutes. It'll get worse.
    Mud n guts y'all.
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    Damn. 96 here today. Went through almost 4L of water in about 30 miles. Hey price we pay for no snow I guess. Either way mud is now replaced with sand and loam. Not bad conditions really.
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    The Upper Peninsula is nine months of winter and three months of bad skiing.
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    Nevada does get some big diurnal temperature swings. For example on September 21st, 1954 Deeth, Nevada swung from 12 degrees at dawn to a snow melting 87 degrees later in the day, a full 75 degree temperature change in one day. Maybe NVCowboy's snow will melt fast. I had but a overnight dusting yesterday. It is the swings the other way from t-shirt temperatures to freezing that can cause grief.
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    You guys are lucky. Here summer is 3 days in August and on a good year they are together.
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