Buying new - are all these fees legit?
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Thread: Buying new - are all these fees legit?

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    Buying new - are all these fees legit?

    While looking around for a used TW, I asked the local dealer for a quote on a new one. All the "fees" and taxes drive the price up by a grand?!

    Please see the pricing breakdown below for the TW200:
    2019 TW200 $4,299.00
    Yamaha Freight $200.00
    Predelivery Setup $199.00
    Doc Fee $125.00
    Subtotal $4,823.00
    Sales Tax $319.52
    Reg/Title $125.00
    Total $5,267.52

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    In specific numbers I don't recall but this sounds familiar....sounds more like Canadian prices. I think mine was ~5400 total. But then again I paid it off in one check no financing and the dealership gave me a discount even though I didn't ask for one. If you can buy it outright you have some haggle room. You are better off financing it with your bank then their finance company.

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    I just bought mine a couple days ago and here’s what I paid.
    $3999 2019 bike
    $200 destination
    $199 document fee
    $119 new helmet
    8% sales tax $361.44
    Title and 45 day temp,plate $33.50
    Total $4912.90 includes helmet and a free battery tender

    What is pre delivery set up?? I think the title is a state thing and nothing you can do, just like the tax portion.
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    When I was in the business as the GM at a Honda, Kawasaki and KTM dealership we made Inventory speculative orders twice a year. These large orders came in from the main warehouse free of any freight charges to the dealership. If we sold out of a particular model but had to order them special then the dealership paid the delivery freight charge. Some dealers don't have the storage area to make large inventory orders so they pay the freight for each unit and then pass that on to the buyer. We had a large warehouse with room for well over 100 units at any time plus what was on the sales floor. If we had green and you wanted a red one then you paid the destination fee. Most of the other fees you were quoted are highly inflated and should be negotiable if the dealer wants to sell his units. Keep in mind there is not a lot of profit to be made by the dealer in selling a new TW. They make their real profits by selling you accessories and after market warranties and wild finance agreements. If you really want a new TW and can afford to buy one then you go to a dealer with cash in hand and tell him you don't want no stinking extended warranty, you don't need financing or accessories and you want the best bottom dollar price to get this done as quick as possible. Set up fees are a BS joke and he has a lackey or two who slap a TW together from the crate in probably less than a half hour. My local dealer for Yamaha here does not even buy any TWs as floor models or for warehouse stock so they are all special ordered in. He will not deal with dropping his prices or fees at all and as a result anyone here who buys a new TW either pays similar prices like you were quoted or they go find a dealer who will make deals. The dealer that has a half dozen TWs in stock and on his floor plan will be the one more willing to blow them out cheaper.
    Every dealer and every manufacturer has different agreements together. In some regional areas the TW is not a popular model but depending upon the agreement with Yamaha the dealer might be forced to always have a few in stock that nobody wants to buy. That is the dealer you want to find. We had major issues with Kawasaki and just to be able to carry their bikes and ATVs we had to also agree to carry generators, lawn mowers, trash pumps and all sorts of Kawasaki accessories and clothing. It is a tough business and the bigger and more established the dealer is the better off you will be.

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    I guess the price caught me off guard. I picked up my Ninja 650 as a leftover going in to a model year change and that was right around 6K out the door. I expected the TW to come in below 5K. Not discouraged though, I'll just spend some time on Craiglist this summer and keep expanding my search area.
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    Don't know what state laws governs your sale but usually sales taxes should not be levied on services, labor, nor on any other taxes and state levied fees. When this inappropriately happens company may be keeping two sets of books & submitting only correctly levied taxes to the state. Creative bookkeeping is not that unusual.
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