increbible build -check this out
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    From another forum. This guy's skills and dedication are amazing. Check out this 1949 Mercury Dwarf.

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    I don't usually get too into cars, but DAMN that thing is phenomenal. Easily one of the coolest things that has even been built, I think the best part is he drives it.

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    That makes me want to burn my shop and walk away, holy crap that's cool!
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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    Why couldn't that guy be my dad??? I wanna learn from him!!!! WOW!!

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    Incredible workmanship. I saw this on a car forum I'm on. He has built a few little cars from scratch. It tells about them here. It says when he built the first one, a '28 Chevy sedan, in the '60s the tools he used were a homemade hacksaw made from a chair frame, a hammer and a chisel.

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