2 questions: which 4Runner starter motor, and how best to apply my adhesive sealant?
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    Question 2 questions: which 4Runner starter motor, and how best to apply my adhesive sealant?

    So...thought I'd try and stick both of these together...

    1) [[[ EDIT: There is a part # sticker on the side of the starter motor that matches one of the two options; looks like I need the 1.4 kW motor. Would've been nice to be able to find out without needing to remove it first... ]]] Which starter motor do I need? My 99 4Runner (2.7 auto) model code is RZN180L-GKPSKA, and that appears to be the distinction between two different starter motor assemblies for this model, but I don't know which one to order. I do see that one is 1.4 kW, and the other is 2.0 kW, but I don't know if there may be other differences such as how it bolts on or what...I'm getting pretty aggravated that I can't seem to get any definitive answers as to which one I need...sigh. https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/oem-...ZN180L-GKPSKA)

    2) I am using Eclectic E6800 (UV resistant) to glue strips of vinyl along the sides of my truck bed/camper shell joint area, to stop water from leaking in. Last time I applied the E6800, I did notice that it was relatively runny for the first few minutes. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas to help it stay in place a little better as it tacks up. I just now thought of something, maybe...IDK. Use a few staples to make strips of double-sided duct tape; stick the vinyl onto the truck/camper with the duct tape strips just under where the glue would get poured along; do the bottom first with the tape and then poor the glue along the bottom half of the vinyl strip, then pull the vinyl up, stick the top-half tape to the camper shell and then apply glue up on that top side. Hmm. Maybe I've sort of figured this out. Sounds pretty ridiculous, but maybe this will help stop it from running too much? IIRC, it begins to tack up decently within 5 or 10 minutes. I do often tend to do things rather...unconventionally, LOL. Thoughts? Other ideas??
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