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Thread: Computer Lost Files Help

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    Computer Lost Files Help

    Today a folder I had my Challis Ride Video's and pictures disappeared (deleted). I didn't intentionally delete them but they are gone. I have Windows 10. I checked the recycle bin and the folder/files are not there. I've also type in the Challis folder info into the search bar and nothing shows up. What happened? Is there anyone out there who can help and might know how to recover files I cannot see? Thanks
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    Try this program:

    I've used it a LOT....and it is about 80% effective. If your files have been deleted recently and/or those sectors aren't over-written by other files and/or you haven't shut down or rebooted, then your outlook is good.
    Run the program and it should be able to find those files and it will tell you if they are recoverable.

    Good luck.
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    You've probably been down these rabbit holes of research already. If not, can start here: Recover lost or deleted files - Windows Help - Microsoft Support

    ...and perhaps a repeat in here? Windows 10: Find Lost Files - Technipages

    or: How to Find Missing Files in Windows 10 - dummies

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    If you have not “intentionally” deleted the folder, you may have inadvertently moved that folder to a different location – one slip of the track pad or mouse it all it takes. It may not show up on a “search” (yet), until the system has had a chance to update the file location, otherwise known as “indexing”

    I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been in the middle of dragging a folder across, when there’s been a “blip”, and feck knows where it went after that

    Try the advice in the previous posts, (all good stuff), but if that doesn’t work (searching for deleted files that haven’t actually been deleted, but inadvertently “moved”), wait for the “indexing” to catch up, and they’ll probably show up in a search – 24 hrs should do it – (Windows usually indexes when there’s no other activity on the disc, eg when you’re not using it) …….
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    Also, if you do backups you should be able to restore from that.
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    Try "Stellar Data Recovery for Windows".
    I have tried many recovery software and it's the best one.
    Far better that Recuva,especially with hdds with bad sectors and formated to different file system.
    It's not free,but you buy it or install it the other "free" way by Jack Sparrow
    Also it's rebranded/use it's source code by 2-3 other companies and sold with other name,don't recall them right now but can find them if you want so.
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    I do this to every laptop I have or I work on:
    Disable Tapping, Windows 10 Synaptics Touchpad

    Go to Settings.
    Click on Personalization, then Themes.
    Select Mouse pointer settings.
    Then, click on the last tab called Device settings (might be different from other computers) and again on Settings.
    A new window will pop-up with the Pointer options. Just uncheck Tapping.

    No matter how good you think you are......You are gonna accidentally tap on something. This could also keep you from bringing in a virus or deleting your stuff. You will now have to use the buttons below the touchpad for clicking on something. At least you will feel and hear it.
    This same procedure applies to ANY operating system. Linux, window$, BSD, ReactOS, AROS, etc... You may have different wording but its basically the same on all OS's.
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    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.

    I did the recover program and it didn't work/find the lost in space files. I also did some of the restore previous versions and I thought this was gonna work but got an error message that it couldn't find the missing folder/files.

    I'll keep working on it but in the end the folder/files are just fun stuff and not life threatening.

    The odd thing...I did find one file in the recycle bin but it doesn't make sense without the other video clips that are lost.

    Not sure if the tapping thing is touch screen related but I always use a mouse cause that's what I'm used to over the years. But I'll research that just the same so thanks.
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    The tapping thing has to do with the track pad on the laptop. I also turn it of as I have a heavy hand and it drives me nuts.
    Hopefully you did not loose the video of the ride to Challis lake! Or of the single track.
    Have you turned on viewing hidden files/ folders? If it accidentally end up in a hidden folder you will not be able to find it unless you have given yourself access to them.
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    Sometimes clicking on the mouse is difficult to do when it keeps trying to hide from you:
    19 years ago in San Diego - zoom in on center

    computer mouse in the house.JPG
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