TW200 idle adjustment damage
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Thread: TW200 idle adjustment damage

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    TW200 idle adjustment damage

    You know that little screw under the choke handle that crosses into the silver throttle gate thing? Will it damage when adjusted too much?

    Long story: I have a remote start kit on my tw200. It’s very cold here. I usually set the idle high in the morning before i go into school. Then i usually hit my remote start about 5mins before class ends. Then when i’m out of school i set the idle back to the stock 1200(I have a digital tach/speedo installed)

    I understand the mechanism. Tighter the screw the higher that throttle-valve-body is held with the little rod sticking out of the screw mechanism.

    My father says adjusting the idle too much can cause damage in the o-rings in carbs.In no way to i comprehend engines/carbs/air-to-fuel mixes, i was just wondering if i can adjust my idle almost daily without damage, vibration slippage, corrosion,etc.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you can help. Have a good one.


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    Listen to your father Anthony and don't adjust the idle too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAG View Post
    Listen to your father Anthony and don't adjust the idle too much.
    LOL - Keep the threads clean and you can adjust it as much as you need. Bravo for letting the bike warm up before riding, but remote start strikes me as overkill. Do you have heated grips and seat? Anyway go nuts on the idle adjustment.

    And listen to your father anyway.
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    Can you just leave the choke open and warm it up like that?
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    Sure. Half open or it will die soon. I've never worried about warming the TW engine up unless it's in the 20's and then I won't ride anyway. I just use no choke, half choke or full choke depending on temperature from 80 down to 30. I sit on the bike, let it warm up for 30 seconds or so then ride off at low RPMS with gentle acceleration, pushing in the choke all the way in after a minute or so. After 5 minutes I could wind it out to redline if I needed to without any problems.
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