Here's a new one - the Honda Grom
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Thread: Here's a new one - the Honda Grom

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    Put some knobbies, a skid plate and a high pipe on it and it would look even cooler.

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    Senior Member mrbracket's Avatar
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    Springtucky, Orygun
    That thing is COOL!!! I like it! 130mpg!!!!

    Think I look big on a TW, imagine what I would look like on that!!! ha ha ha...

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    No need for knobbies, I can already picture myself getting pulled over on it in the city. I'm happy that it's coming to the USA.

    Also, I just had a daydream of transplanting a GROM engine into a Honda Cub.

    ala the Lifan conversions, but fuel injected and higher degree of quality control.
    1993 TW200

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    Senior Member patrick007's Avatar
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    Red Deer, Alberta Canada
    I want one

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    Uh-oh.. this might get me in trouble with the missus.
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    I like it, but the scooter wheels ruin it.

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    Senior Member JagLite's Avatar
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    Anchorage, Alaska
    I found the Grom yesterday and I am seriously considering buying my first NEW bike in more than 30 years.

    That Grommet looks like a hoot. Normally I would wait a year and buy a used one but this thing...

    Of course if I do buy one, I can almost guarantee that next year Honda will release the dual sport version.

    6" travel, larger front wheel (14"?) and a better skid plate.

    But, I never leave anything stock so I can see myself modifying whatever I get.

    I can justify it saying it is for my wife.

    She loves her Honda XR80 and feels the TW is too big and heavy for her.

    But the XR isn't street legal and the Grommet is.

    This way she can ride on the dirt roads I like to explore and be legal.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    I can see a big aftermarket buildup for this bike.

    Considering how popular the hideous Ruckus is and this has a bigger engine, bigger wheels, a 4 speed tranny and clutch, great styling...

    (I beg your pardon if you are a Ruckster)

    It is still too stinkin' heavy though!

    What is making it so heavy?

    I want the sub-200 lbs. bikes I grew up with.

    Hodaka, Honda SL100, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawi 90 & 100's.

    Oh, well, it is what it is and I still want one for play riding.

    I stopped at the local Honda dealer after work yesterday to see if they had ordered any and they have and are very excited to get them.

    They are sure the bikes will sell real well to the high school age target market and also to the more mature and experienced riders who want a fun little bike that isn't a scooter.

    I think I will get a black one...


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    Damn Honda. Damn them for doing it again - making yet another bike for me to drool over and wish I could add to my collection! LOL. This motorcycle is awesome. I really like what I see so far. 225 pounds curb weight! Combine that with fuel injection, 130 mpg, and the 30 inch seat height and low COG, this bike would be such a blast around town or on busy city streets. I imagine real world fuel economy is probably more like 90 to 100 mpg, but even that is effin' amazing! This machine is essentially the Ruckus that I used to own but with the ability to actually keep up with traffic around town - something the Ruckus just couldn't do if the speed limit was over about 30 mph. Oh yes and at three grand, Honda is really trying to get kids on their bikes who will buy bigger or more later. Smart. I'm still waiting for that CRF450L to come out. Honda really needs to jump on that market. There is definitely a big void there that they can absolutely stuff full with a 450 version of the CRF250L for around $6,000. I believe this is the next logical move for Honda, and that they will in fact soon develop something along those lines. Fingers crossed that they get it right.
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    That is a cool looking little bike. I bet its funner than a barrel of monkeys. I could see myself doing stoppies, wheelies on it and trouble with the law for sure.

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    Senior Member patrick007's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    Red Deer, Alberta Canada
    Maybe this will temp Yamaha to bring back the YSR!!

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