'12 or '12 xr650L, smog creap on ALL models?
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    i know there are xr650L forums out there somewhere, but honestly the tw200 forum is good for anything it seems.

    so, do ALLL xr650L's come with that smog crap on the side of the engine, or only the CA models? (thinking of getting an xr650L)

    thanks for your time!!


    ps. got stuck w/my tdub in a hard rain on the way home from camping about 7AM, at about 50mph, in shorts. ouch, rain stings.
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    Hi Joe

    I have a 2002 XR650L that I bought new. I am pretty sure that the 2012's are identical to my bike except for the BNG's (bold new graphics!) and the colors of the plastics/seat.

    Since my bike was purchased in California, it came with all the smog stuff. A review of the specifications for the 2012 model reveals the following: "Emissions - Meets current CARB and EPA standards. California version differs slightly due to emissions equipment". I would interpret this to mean that non-California bikes do not come with the smog stuff.

    Here are some of my thoughts regarding the XR650L.

    -The basic design is now close to 30 years old. You'll have to decide for yourself whether this means the bike is "outdated" or "classic".

    -As delivered by the dealer, the stock bike is a dog. If you want reasonable performance (i.e., fun) you will need to plan on uncorking it. This is not difficult, but does involve removing the airbox snorkle, rejetting the carb, drilling the carb slide, etc. These mods will really wake this bike up!

    -The smog stuff does not affect the performance, it just adds weight and looks ugly. I removed it on my bike.

    -This bike is a tall, heavy bike. After a few times riding it off road, I decided it was too much for me to handle in the dirt. I have since added 17" sport bike wheels for the super moto look and ride it primarily on the street. This lowers the bike considerably and it is a blast to ride on the twisties.

    -I love my XR650L and will probably never sell it.

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    Another beautiful bike! You sure know how to make and keep them looking new.


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    thanks for the info!
    2012 TW200, 1993 KLR650, 1992 GSX750F

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    I have a 2000 Xr650L it was bought in Nv. and it had all the smog stuff. I pulled all the stuff and made covers to block the exhaust ports.
    If you need pics.............. well I can finally post pics.
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    All XR650L motorcycles have the notorious SMOG pump installed. In addition, the California models have a fuel vapor canister. Here's a nice video detailing how to remove the SMOG tumor from the XR650L.

    If you want to wake up the engine, perform Dave's carburetor modifications.

    Dave's Carb Mods - XR650L Carb Mods by Dave Closs & Brian Jackson on 4Strokes.com

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

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