Who wants coffee?
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Thread: Who wants coffee?

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    Who wants coffee?

    People can do some strange things sometimes when they don’t get their morning coffee, like leaving their morning coffee on the rear bumper of their SUV and driving to work.

    The helmet-cam footage shows the good Samaritan noticing the coffee cup and chasing the SUV to retrieve it. He then flags down the driver to return the coffee, although she doesn’t seem particularly appreciative of her saviour’s efforts since she just dumps the coffee anyway.

    It's pretty impressive riding!

    LiveLeak.com - Motorcyclist rescues coffee cup from rear bumper of SUV
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    That's cool, They guy is a hero for saving the coffee.
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    25-30 years ago, I retrieved 2 very nice rod and reels for a guy after they fell out of his boat. After following the guy for about 2 miles, I got his attention and handed him the reels at a redlight. He took them from my hand without any acknowledgement. Actually had a disgusted look on his face.

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    No good deed goes unpunished. lol.

    Of course nowadays you can always document their ingratitude and paste it all over YouTube as consolation.

    Pretty good commuter rider considering that he nabbed it by the handle with his throttle hand.

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