If BMW ever built this, I'd probably give up my TW in a heartbeat
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    If BMW ever built this, I'd probably give up my TW in a heartbeat

    1993 TW200

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    That is awesome!! I want one.

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    Oh yes. Me too.
    Well, I'd be sorely tempted, but honestly I'd be hesitant to take it through anything remotely harsh.

    Still....Those tires.

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    Looks fantastically cool. Wonder how much it weighs. Not really tempted; can't imagine really being able to use it off road, riding position is uncomfortable, probably goes faster than I need to!! If ya get a knockdown, can you pick it back up solo?
    2004 T-dub, 15/50-68 dual sprocket, modded carb, kickstart, weldment footpegs, EK o-ring chain, Shinko 241 front tire, Duro PG rear, Ride-on seal/balance f&r, Pro Taper bars w/ PG grips, folding mirrors, XT350 tank, f&r Cycleracks, Saddlemens gel seat insert, VisionX LED driving lights, TCI pan/guards, 230cc six speed engine/trans, Jimbo Shield (smoke); ongoing monkeyshinin'

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    I really like the look of this bike but I agree it would be worthless off road. Very cool concept.
    '95 TW200G - TCI skid, ProTaper bars, amber Jimbo, DMO pegs, IRC GP-1, DG-O w/TTR230 header, Brisk BR12ZC, ProCycle jet kit, K&N filter, DID x-ring, TCI Sequoia rack, storage tube, JNS light

    '04 Buell XB12S Lightning - Drummer exhaust, race ECM, K&N, open airbox, RC right side scoop, Corbin seat, fender eliminator Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

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