another trip over the mountain
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    Yesterday when I poodled over to Waiemea, I found in a second hand store, a pair of chests of drawers I wanted. I asked the wahine to hold them for me.

    I went back today with the Honda sidecar rig. I was able to fit one isde the cockpit upside down on the seat and the other upside down on a couple of throw pillows tied onto the cargo rack on the back. Lashed down tightly, I had a little dicey with sidewinds up on top but made the trip without incident. Oh and gathered another prickley pear fruit from the side of the road. If i had been younger so that my legs still could climb among rocks, I could have had all that I could carry.

    Photo is of the rig that carried my chests of drawers over the mountain.



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    I think you would be up for the " where there is a will there is a way" award if you had posted a picture of the feat.As it stands you have a nice looking chair outfit. What brand is it?

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