Left: Leatt 3DF foam, Middle: standard back protectors from Hit-Air and RS Taichi jacket together, Right: Hit-Air Honeycomb chest protector

I experimented with 3 different setups for my motorcycle jackets because i wanted better chest protection for the next time i go down. The Leatt 3DF foam transmitted too much of the energy from the hammer to my hand. The Leatt has the most dense foam so I expected that to hurt thr least but it hurts the most instead. The middle setup with standard inexpensive foam did almost as well as the $40 Honeycomb protector on the right. Suprisingly, the Honeycomb has the least amount of foam and the most amount of plastic. But the Honeycomb structure acts as a suspension when i pressed down onto it. You can see the Honeycomb structure slowing an impact down. Overall, i would choose the Honeycomb chest protector under the Hit-Air brand (sold at and the Honeycomb RS Taichi knee and elbow protectors (sold at I had purchased the Leatt 3DF Body Protector suit/jacket on sale on Ebay and i plan on selling it back on ebay.