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    I have been in the hospital for 3 weeks for a leaky Hickman line, "Chemo", and trying to recover from a bad blood infection.

    I'm slowly turning a big hard corner. I will have to go through some heavy anti-biotic infusions and then another round of heavy chemo and if all looks good we will attempt to harvest my stem cells. If that fails-rest and repeat one more time.

    So that's it from here for now--"I'm a man - and I can change-If I have to--I guess...." Red/Green

    Hope all is well with the rest of you.

    The TW200 may be slow but the Earth is patient.

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    I hate down time in a hospital bed. Had too much of it last year myself, but you have my curiosity . What is a Hickman line?


    Wait a minute. I googled it. It is a serious type of catheter, Ugh. And if that was where the infection got in, I would be inclined to think your medics screwed up.

    Getting old sucks big time. Sometimes the alternative doesn't seem so bad so long as I have a chance to put things in proper order first.

    Having been killed once gives me some insight.

    On the other hand, will you be riding again when this is over?


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    Getting old really does suck. I regret the things I haven't done much more than anything I have done, with the exception being getting married the 2nd time.

    Peace by with you.

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    Good to hear from you Mike.. Take care, and think "HAPPY THOUGHTS".

    Take care my Friend.........

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