World War 2 U.S. Spitfire Pilot Story
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Thread: World War 2 U.S. Spitfire Pilot Story

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    World War 2 U.S. Spitfire Pilot Story

    I found this interesting.

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    Thats a great story Tony, I like stuff like that, thanks for sharing, very interesting.

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    Thanks Tony. It made for a wonderful way to start my day. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    thanks tony, very cool. i shared that with my history teacher friends, a couple are showing it to their kids.
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    I love that kind of stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    That is a great piece. My Grand Dad was a B-17 bomber pilot that flew over 50 missions bombing the oil fields over Austria.
    He is 93 these days. I wrote the letter below to him after coming home from seeing "Saving Private Ryan. Thank you to all those that have served.

    Written July 1998

    Dear Veteran, Soldier, Hero:

    I was born long after the many people who died giving their lives to protect the place we call HOME. I have never known what it might take to go and give your life to protect the RED, WHITE & BLUE of AMERICA.
    I feel fortunate, that I have not had to fill those shoes. Yet at times, I feel that myself, as well as many others take for granted what thousands of Americans did to make America what it is today. Only people who have been there know what it is like to reach down and fight for each and every breath, then reach a little more. You were trained to give it 1000% every time. The word RESPECT was used hand in hand with HONOR and AMERICA.
    The older I get, the more experience and wisdom I earn. The more I mature, the more I realize what thousands have done for me, so that I, along with millions of others can feel safe and smile everyday because we live in AMERICA.
    You are the reason I am here. The part of my heart that you fill is larger than you could ever dream. This letter is to tell you how grateful I am. Only the words of THANKS, RESPECT, HONOR AND LOVE can describe what you have done for me, and so many others. You mean the world to me, but what you and thousands of veterans have done for all of us Americans, I say "THANK YOU".


    Brock T. Halter
    Gilbert, Arizona
    [email protected]
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    thanks for the video .we can't begin to know what the allied fiorces whent thru during those years,thoes guys were there for the duration ,no tour of duty for 6 months and back home again .my nextdoor neighbour was a spitfire pilot and my father was a tank driver ,neither one would talk much about the war.only the odd story about the different countries they were in .they made great scrafices so that we could enjoy what our lives are today.

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    Outstanding story,elime,thank you. How extraordinary a set of circumstances as this allow these three individuals to meet.....

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