Letting people pass.
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Thread: Letting people pass.

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    Letting vehicles pass

    I rode up Hwy 9 Wed. afternoon, 11-27-'13. On the way up an Explorer wanted to go faster than I was going so I let him pass. Hwy 9 often has radar / speed traps and my philosophy is never be the fastest vehicle and hopefully never get a ticket. Shortly after he passed I caught up to him again and there were 3 rice rockets taking their time going up the hill. No problem -- when you come to a passing lane let the Explorer and me by. They didn't let us by until the very end where it was done all wrong and I foolishly followed. Luckily no car was coming the other way as the Explorer crossed the center line on a blind curve.

    Here is a short video of that experience.

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    Can't believe they didn't yield that many times.

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    Looked like the Explorer was impatient + "rice rockets" unaware/uncourteous = potential roadrage.

    Even see stuff like this out on the logging roads. This past summer, I got behind some ATV/UTV's on a logging road. Went about a mile before they realized I was behind them. I got dusty
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    damn bikers
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    Don't they use their mirrors
    Actually, couldn't see any on the lead bike
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    I struggle to tolerate the general obliviousness and motoring turpitude of any slowpoke who fails to utilize the provided turn-outs to let the poor folks stuck behind them move along.

    North of Tucson we have a beautiful clean-paved road that winds its way up 25 miles or so to the summit of Mt. Lemmon along sheer cliffs and hairpin turns. It's a 2-lane road with double yellows and turn-outs every 1/4 mile or so, and "SLOWER TRAFFIC MUST USE TURN-OUTS" signs every couple of miles. This is a motoring tourism destination route, not an Epcot tram ride!

    Nonetheless, every time I get stuck behind somebody who insists on obeying the "10mph" turn signs but ignores the turnout signs. There's no way that the person doesn't see me, time after time. I think that for some people this is the equivalent of being a dick to the restaurant waitress or retail cashier. Someone, a coward, feels powerless in their own life and so chooses to exercise what little power they have (the power to be an obstruction and nuisance to others) by driving slow to keep other people from having a good time.

    As a frequent slowpoke myself, I'm always looking, happy, and willing to move right to get out of the way of somebody else's recreation. Go fast, go slow, go do your own thing but don't get in the way of other people doing theirs.
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    When you get to a passing lane and there is traffic behind you, be it one car or a line of cars, put your turn signal on indicating your intentions, go into the right lane, slow down or stop -- which ever is necessary to let all the traffic pass -- then proceed at the end of the line. It the polite, courteous, considerate thing to do. The thing that used to really infuriate me -- I have mellowed with age -- was when approaching the passing lane the car that was holding up traffic would speed up.

    DonBenito said it best: "Go fast, go slow, go do your own thing but don't get in the way of other people doing theirs."

    If you find yourself behind a road hog my advice is to grin and bear and vow to yourself never to be like him. Loosing your temper or taking an unnecessary chance will only lead to trouble.
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    Around here going 10 to 15 MPH slower than the posted limit is the norm. The ones that get me are the left lane hogs who don't give a damm about holding people up. Makes me wish I had a rocket launcher on my bike.

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