Cortigo Latigo boots = pain
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    Cortech Latigo boots = pain

    I was looking for a boot to replace my Alpinestars SMX-5. The SMX-5 is very comfortable but doesn't have an ankle brace hinge. Once i got the Cortech Latigo in the mail, i put them on and squatted down with my heels lifted. Ouch! I felt a sharp pain coming from the rear of the shift pad digging into the top of my foot. Not sure if there's a metal tab underneath the shifter panel but that's what it feels like. I was also dissapointed that the ankle brace on the Latigo don't limit my ankle rolling any more than my non hinged SMX-5. I had great expectations for the Latigos but I'm going back to my long term proven SMX-5. Maybe it's just my ankle being so slim that the ankle brace hinge isn't effective. If anyone here has a hinged boot that works for them, please share.
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