Who's got the bad weather then?
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Thread: Who's got the bad weather then?

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    Senior Member skippyboyo2's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    yorkshire uk

    Who's got the bad weather then?

    Soooo here in the uk we have lots of wind but no snow.

    Just seen on the news you US guys are have having a hard time?

    Anyone on here snowed in?
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    Jan 2011
    Not snowed in but we got a fresh 8 to 10 inches last night and it's approaching single digits for temp tonight. Beteween myself, mom, mother in law, and neighbors I spent almost 6 hours clearing snow today...

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    Senior Member old mad max's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Gobles, michigan
    We got 10".. Temps were -10 last night............. Bring on the snow but please warm up 20 degrees or so (o;

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    Senior Member Schmitty's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    phila, pa
    as soon as I heard him say 8 to 10 inches single digits I figured he was close to me. I'm in Philly and it's pretty crappy out I tried taking the TW out and 10 feet later I hit the ground

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    Senior Member bikerjosh's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Walnut Creek, CA
    Sunny and clear in Bay Area of California mid 60's. Feels like late Spring. no arm or knee warmers needed for mountain or road biking.
    Before you start burning torches and grabbing pitch forks we've had the driest year on record for rain (5.25") and will likely be on heavy water rationing come the spring/summer if something doesn't change.
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    Senior Member small's's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Martinsville Indiana
    Its freezing here in Indiana and its getting colder
    8 to 13" sunday and monday a high of 10 below and of 16 below. Where is Al Gore and his global warming. Maybe that article I read on the northern ice cap growing is true.
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    Jul 2010
    Lower Rio Grande, New Mexico
    Mid 50's and sunny here in New Mexico. I did 40 miles yesterday with just a fullface mask, normal riding jacket, and good gloves. Life is good. Tom
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    Central New Mexico

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    Senior Member williamemack's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    winters in Sudbury, MA, summer on Squam Lake, NH
    I am in Sudbury, MA about 25 miles west of Boston. We only got about 6-8 inches of the light fluffy stuff but boy is it cold. 10 degrees this morning when I headed out, but now inside with the wood stove aglow and life is good.

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    Senior Member Hoot Gibson's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Grand Lake Ohio
    Snow on the Ground....-6 last night in Western Ohio, after a brief "warm spell" of 33 tomorrow, we hit -16 on Sunday Night, with a HIGH of -12 on Monday and a low of -20{without the wind chill factor} by Tuesday Morning....nobody is going anywhere, let alone ride. O' this will be along with the 6 to 8 inches of Snow on Sunday Night....

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    Senior Member naluboy's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    North County San Diego


    Here in So Cal...nevermind, you don't wanna know

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