"RARE!!" An article about that......
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    "RARE!!" An article about that......

    As we've all seen,and sometimes have used that 'R word' to help explain the alleged extra value /desirability of an item,this article is a very good one on categorizing the term 'rare'......And while the article pertains to vehicles,its just as applicable for any other commodity,and that,IMO, confirms it's accuracy............
    Rare Vehicles - Rarity vs Value - Eastwood Tech Library

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    I'm reminded of the "miracle" of birth,
    which has only happened 10 or 20 Billion times already.

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    that is so true,i see those brag sheets at all the car shows .some time you just got to laugh. perhaps they are trying to justify to ther better half why they over paid for the car,or spent so much on it .my info sheet on my 67 mustang just states what mods were done by me . and yes it has my wife as co owner,for without her support iwould not have or enjoy cruising with this car .altho sometimes she complains about the gas milage.thats where the tdub comes in handy lol

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