Are there any JD Gator 4X4 owners in our group?
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    Are there any JD Gator 4X4 owners in our group?

    Several of our friends own these,of various years and models;and a few have been experiencing frequent instances of severe flooding,smoking and elevated oil levels(extra gasoline). I've checked various forums,and this problem isn't uncommon,especially amongst years 2007-09. The worst of it all is that John Deere is attempting to side step the matter by claiming that owners are not allowing their vehicles to fully warm up. Now,two posters have written that they are in fact JD mechs,and have posted the JD service bulletin on this problem.Both have went on to say that the reason for the problem is the over simplified F/I system,which,has no 02 sensor at all,instead, the ECM relies on engine RPM for it's actions. JD is advising owners to change oil every 30 hours(!) to 'correct' the artificially high oil levels;some owners are having to change their oil as soon as only 10 hours(to prevent potentially damaging lubricant dilution).
    There's a lot of pissed-off JD owners,enough so,that a class action lawsuit is in the process of starting. Additionally,many owners have stated that they 'will go orange'(Kubota),regardless of the $$$ loss to do so.
    If all of this true,it's very disappointing to hear of yet another long standing 'blue chip' corporation........

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    I don't have a gator, but I do have a jd tractor. i have owned several different makes and never will I go jd again. This is my first and only jd and it has been the ultimate lemon. Except for the engine, the rest was under engineered. The customer pays for RandD in the cost of the machine. He shouldn't have to pay to have their mistakes fixed.

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    I have a Gator and and two John Deere tractors. Excellent machines!

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    I've always found JD equipment to be very one will ever accuse them of being low priced about anything they sell.....This issue with their Gators and their 'response' is a big surprise.....

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