Somebody talk me out of ordering one of these!
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Thread: Somebody talk me out of ordering one of these!

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    Somebody talk me out of ordering one of these!

    I just sold a bike today and have some "motorcycle money" burning a hole in my pocket. I know, I know, it's seriously overpriced but it sure looks like fun!

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    I'm at a loss for words….
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    I won't talk you out of it, I want a ride review!
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    I won't try and talk you out of it......I want to take it for a ride!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbm View Post
    I won't talk you out of it, I want a ride review!
    I want to ride it.
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    I think it is awesome. And the price is not anymore than a state of the art fat tire bike.
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    I have been thinking of these since they put it up on kickstarter last year. The original idea was just a simple bicycle like rolling chassis and you had to get a crf50 or similar bike and put them together. They came a long way in a short time. Now all you have to do is decide which horizontal engine you want. One of these will inevitably end up in my garage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TW-Brian View Post
    I just sold a bike today and have some "motorcycle money" burning a hole in my pocket.
    finally sold the ct90?
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    That thing looks like something that would cause you to grow a lot of skin, and heal a lot of sore muscles!
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