What about a ROKON?
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    What about a ROKON?

    Hey guys! Anyone know anything about Rokons? (Two wheel drive, 208cc, fat atv tires, supposedly indestructable..)
    Their spendy at 7k+ but if you've seen my any of my vids it might be something to add to my CT90, TW200 family.. Considering I can usually find snow almost year round in some of the areas I go.. Plus im in the high desert so sand is always a factor..

    The bike also floats on its side, which doesn't really seem all that useful to me, but I guess if you reached a really deep river and really really wanted to cross it, you could 'swim' the bike across.. + Each rim can hold 2+gallons of water/fuel..
    Anyway they seem cool but im still 2yrs away from paying off the TW, so even if I do decide to purchase one it will be awhile.. Plenty of time to check up on it and see what peoples experiences/opinions are. Thanks for any feedback.

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    how do I delete this post? Its basically a copy of another...

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