Speedometer repair sources....???
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    Speedometer repair sources....???

    I have several VDO enduro type speedo's ,leftovers from my Bultaco/Husqvarna/KTM days,and would like to find a repair shop for cleaning,recalibration and new bezels. My search so far,has only produced the places that I wouldn't patronize;i.e., "Edwardo's Speedometer Emporium" or similar high-$$$$ 'boutique' that caters to (exotic) cars where money is no object as long as it's YOUR money.....

    Aren't there any small, 'mom & pop' repair shops nowadays ???

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    I haven't used these guys in over a half century but they were really great back then. They even let me in their shop to watch!

    United Speedometer Service. Sales, repair & calibration of instruments and gauges. Featuring Encore Gauges, VDO Performance Instruments, Stewart Warner Instruments, Rostra Cruise Control

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    I have one too! I was going to have my mom take to Northville Clock shop. But she told me they no longer do repairs in house.
    So this is good info for me

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