Kind of like a BIG TW
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Thread: Kind of like a BIG TW

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    Kind of like a BIG TW

    Scrambler Urban Enduro 803 CC - Scrambler Ducati

    TW 800, anyone? LOL. Pay close attention to the width of the rear tire And note that this thing is actually lighter than a KLR 650 - not too shabby. In spite of the exhaust's awkward location, it is well-angled and nicely tucked in, and they did put the skid plate in the right place... Ducati has been sort of dabbling with dirt over the last few years. I hope they finally get more serious with going in that direction. They could make some fun big dual sports/adventure bikes. I actually quite like this one!
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    I hope more more brands put out scramblers. I like the style
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    I'm a BIG fan of Ducati. I "Think" I like the looks of this bike. Love the style though....
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    First thing to go woud be that rear reflector holder, or whatever it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    First thing to go woud be that rear reflector holder, or whatever it is.
    They point out the high front fender, then you see that... mud scraper?? on the rear tire.

    And what is that under the engine? Looks like a plastic athletic cup.
    That surely can't be some kind of skid plate?!?

    And then they put 90/10 street/dirt tires on it. Wow, impressed, NOT!
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    I could own that as a second bike. I love the look and color.
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    Def a cool bike, i love the retro bikes that they are coming out with. The yamaha SR 400 is awesome, the Honda CB1100 is great. Love this new scrambler too. I want them all......

    That being said, not sure of how truly offroad worthy this will be. Ducati's impressions of offroad and mine differ greatly. I own their other "enduro" motorcycle, the Multistrada 1200 and it is decidedly a more road orientated bike than it is off road. Dirt roads is really about as far off road as you would ever want to take it, It has way too much power and even in one of the toned down modes its delivery is way too abrupt, its geared way too tall and unless you want to do some serious mods there are no good offroad tires available for it, the rims are standard sportbike size 17's at both ends. Its also simply too fragile, the plastic bits are expensive and easily broken too, metal bits are even more expensive( i snapped a front break lever on mine, 140 bucks to replace it). Despite the marketing that says otherwise the Multi is truly a road bike plain and simple and a superb one at that. Sport bike fast, sport bike handling and all day comfortable.

    While this new scrambler is light and they put rims on it that might accept a better dirt tire I'm guessing this will be in the same light as my multi and be way more at home on the street. And in typical Ducati fashion it will be a great ride.
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    Not to be confused with this sexy Ducati dual sport that already exists...

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    RE: big TW

    It's just history repeating itself.....another 'street scrambler' phase(nowhere near as desirable as the first generation,IMO...).
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    Quote Originally Posted by old white truck View Post
    Not to be confused with this sexy Ducati dual sport that already exists...

    I can't really call that thing a dual sport, but I do like his kickstand.

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