went to heidelberg, bought a US plated K75c
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Thread: went to heidelberg, bought a US plated K75c

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    Cool went to heidelberg, bought a US plated K75c

    WOW!! what a machine, it pains me as a life long rider of rice to admit the BMW fan boy stuff has some basis in reality. I ended up returning to germany from croatia and bought the bike via stefen knopf (www.knopftours.com) from a guy in florida. It is essentially impossible to buy a european plated bike period. stefen is a knowledgeable, honorable / honest guy involved in a remarkable number of things. He should have been the first place I went.

    1st day of riding put me in regenburg germany, second day in zagreb croatia, I expect to make it to split today where I left most of my stuff. a couple days ago I ran one section 150-160 kph, bike did just fine, although I burned up a tank of fuel in 100 miles, which is about what my honda 750 does at those speeds. the honda on the other hand starts to feel a bit marginal @ 100+ mph, the BMW seems to settle down and roll it. Yesterday I came through the alps, not over but through a remarkable number of long and shorter tunnels. the weather is much warmer here on the south side of the mountains.

    I was wearing what I would ride in in alaska this time of year in germany (rainy / foggy / cold) had to take a bunch of stuff off in southern austria. yesterday I rode @ around 115Kph bike seems to be getting high 40ish mpg, seems to like 5krpm.

    I am about to split, for SPLIT (croatia). rw
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    That is a great bike. When my brother in law got out of the Army he needed to get his car and his K75 back east from Kansas. I flew out and picked up the bike and rode it home. It is a great sport tourer and I could not have been more comfortable. That is a great choice!

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    Awesome...have a great ride....looking forward to seeing pics of your trip.
    "One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things" - Henry Miller

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    The K75 was the best "K" bike BMW ever made, much better than the 4cyls. Congrats!-Glenn

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    I essentially rode right to wherre I had left my stuff (in the old section near the harbor), the week I had spent therre walking all over and taking busses to various parts of town. a few false starts but found the old coast road south towards Dubrovnic. after about 50 miles of that I found a road up over the mountains to the E10 freeway, actuall it is not free at all, it is a toll road. It is however interstate. I bailed off the interstate looking for a place to stay. I don't like riding after dark, the pressure was on. In my normal style, happened on to a nice hotel (seems to cater to summer tourists mostly but theyy are gone) way to hell up on the side of a mountain.

    I ride off the end of the fancy road back on the coast road to Dubrovnic. You cross into Bosnia briefly, Cyrillic letterring . "Oh Great I say to my self, Cyrillic-ville. I will have even less of a clue than normal...."

    Made it down to montenegro, I rode most of the way around the Bay of Kotor. I may stay here a couple days especially if it is raining here tomorrow as predicted. I rode 1767KM in the last 4 days since leaving Heidenberg Germany. rw

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    Taking a lay day or two, out on my partially roofed over deck facing the bay of kotor with cruise ship liberty boats running back and forth. I rode pretty hard for the last 4 days. last night I had a light supper in the restaurant associated with this pension, had a glass of likelyy the best white wine I have ever tasted. I am not a big wine drinker, but like to go to vineyards in the countries I visit (the wine tour out of capetown ZA is still memorable). I asked about the wine, the waiter gave me a note in cyrillic script. I hope to aquire a bottle somewhere. it is from montenegro. apparently a sub-tropical climate here, lots of citrus everywhere, a good indication it does not freeze much. rw

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    If you like the K75, you'd be blown away by the newer R1200 series. I was a die hard fan of old school
    BMWs (airheads) until I test rode an R1200RT. I ended up buying one and selling my airhead of many years later as I never rode it again.
    BMW and technology transformed the whole experience of riding. Safer, faster and easier to maintain. One has to remember though that
    BMW stands for "Bring Money With". Only thing cheap is the nut clinging to the handlebar.IMG_0030.jpg
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