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    New classics

    Anyone have knowledge of or an opinion about the new Enfield Bullet 500 or the Triumph T-100. Are they both made in India, as I have been told? Are they any good? Continuing my quest for nostalgia plus reliability.

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    I have a Military Enfield, Bullet 500, yes it is made in India. I also have a Triumph Scrambler (minor differences from the T-100), no it is not made in India. No comparison between the machines. The Triumph is eminently reliable. The Enfield you may end up patching on the side of the road with a strip cut from a beer can with your Leatherman...or stripping some wires you don't absolutely need to patch the ones you absolutely do. That being said, the Enfield is a classic thumper. Half the price of the Triumph. Basic skills and some ingenuity and that old Enfield will run forever.

    Scattered around here on the forum are some posts by me concerning both the Triumph and the Enfield. You can find them using very modest effort. To get you started go to post #39 here to see the pictures of mine. (click to enlarge) Note that I was photographing the Triumph...but the Enfield is right there too. Also on that page read the first post where someone far more knowledgeable than me explains the minor differences between the T100 and the Scrambler.
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