Demo'd an FZ-09 today
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    Demo'd an FZ-09 today

    The Yamaha trailer was in town this weekend, so I stopped by to take advantage of the all-too-rare possibility of a test ride.

    I had hoped to try the FJR1300 too, but she was already all booked up. I had to wait 45 minutes to get on the FZ-09, but the wait was worth it.

    I liked it for a lot of the same reasons I like the TW. It's just a pure motorcycle, not a lot of jazz or fuss.

    The size was pretty perfect for my 5'8" frame, and I didn't feel all folded up like on a RR sport bike. Coming off of the Trump the FZ-09 felt like a real featherweight.

    I tried the "B" tame mode and the standard mode, she was more than snappy enough for me in the standard mode (yes, the front wheel does pop right up under hard acceleration!) to where I didn't feel the need to experiment in the all-out "A" mode.

    We rode in a group for about 20 minutes, and the leader was kind enough to really open up a few times so that we could get a feel for the full acceleration. I quickly learned to keep my weight forward and low when twisting the throttle.

    If you get the chance to ride one of these, go for it! I could definitely see buying one of my own.
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    I really like at FZ series. 6 years ago I bought my first motorcycle . A 99 TW200 and fell in love but by mid summer I wanted something bigger so I used the classifieds to check out and try as many bikes as possible along with any demo rides I could get in. I tried everythink from a CB750, KLR650, V-strom, super motos, etc. even some cruisers (yuck) At a Yamaha demo ride I rode a 600 800 and 1000 FZs and could not believe how I could follow my line through the curves, the smoothness, the power, the ergonomics with that big tank that I could hug with my legs. I went out right after and bought a used FZ6 with 6000 KMs and it is a bike I don't think I would ever part with. Oh I won't be selling my TW200 either:-)

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