New Honda Adventure 250CC bike.
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Thread: New Honda Adventure 250CC bike.

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    Feb 2014

    New Honda Adventure 250CC bike.

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    Needs fatter tires. Does it come in Yamaha Blue?
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    GOOD FIND, I am always out on the prowl for a small Adventure bike

    Now if it gets a 300cc motor like the article rumored it may, I would difinitly consider. I hope the seight height is not over 32 inch. There is already too many dirt bikes choices out there with seats too high. I will always love the TW200 but I am open for more power. I considered getting a KTM690R then I thought it may be difficult to ride in real technical terrain.

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    Cool concept but I can pretty much guarantee it will not make it to production. Also I have a little beef with my buddy Honda right now for putting a POS ACCT in the CRFL, ruining an otherwise perfectly awesome dual sport motorcycle!
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    Africa Twin!!!!

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    Maybe its just me, but with the 250 motor it already has 2 times the power of the dub and not much more weight. My biggest gripe with the dub is the gearing. Once I finish the 6 speed I think it will be great. It could have a scoach more hp, but I dont think I need 50hp to get it done. For now I just use ALL 12hp. Id love to give this bike a try if it makes it to production.
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    Would be nice if they put their 300 in it. I've ridden the 250 and it is uninspiring.
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    A better option than those hippo-fat 650's that require 2 men and a small boy to pick back up off the ground. And considering most riding trails these days require some travel over pavement to connect them, this keeps the law off my back. The TW200 is fine for what it is, but let's face it; it's not going to mimic any sort of moto-x features like whoops, bigger air or hard charging up steeps. I enjoy my TW200 when heading out for some squirrel hunting, gold panning, fishing, etc. but I miss the opportunity to ride hard with some power to loft a front wheel with a twist of the grip.

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    If they could sell it for $3500 US they would sell a million of them. I bet it costs north of $5k.

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    Base one on the CRF-450 with a seat height not over 30 inches and I'd be banging on their door. Not going to happen but an old guy can dream.
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