Kids bike?
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Thread: Kids bike?

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    Kids bike?

    Let's hear some experience/ opinions.
    My boy is five and every since I selfishly brought home " Victor "(my TW), he's been really into motorcycles. I never intended on putting him on a motorcycle but now w/ Victor around I find myself feeling guilty not taking the boy along. I bought him a DOT helmet so his mom would let him ride around the neighborhood. Now I'm searching the classifieds for a cheap 50 cc.
    Is he too young? If so when is the right age?
    What's a good bike?ImageUploadedByTapatalk1428981401.988859.jpgMama, the boy and Victor
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    Great looking family there sir. Personally, I would get him a small 50cc quad or similar. Go over some safety rules with him backwards and forwards. Start off slow and let him follow you around or vice versa. I ride my grandson on the back of mine and he'll be 7 in July. He was thrilled beyond anything to go shopping for his first helmet and gloves. I don't think there is any "right age". I think you'll know when he is ready as far as aptitude and ability to take on a two wheeler all by himself.
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    Thanks Hekkler hadn't considered a four wheeler.

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    I had my son on a pw50 at age 4. He could ride a bicycle without training wheels and had ridden with me many times.
    The pw50 has a throttle screw that limits its speed. As they get more skill you can allow more speed.
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    I picked up a Yamaha 50cc quad for my grandson a few weeks ago. He just turned 6 last month. First time out he was a little intimidated. HAd a few problems with the carb. (previous owner used a drill bit to clean the jets) Anyway I got tired of dealing with it and just bought a new carb $80.00 and now the thing runs great. And the next time he got on he was much more confident and is pushing it to it's throttle limit I have set. I gave his dad a choice of a 50cc bike with the training wheels until he was ready to remove them or the quad. He chose the quad as we have several trails here on the property to ride it on. Just remember to make it fun, he or she will progress at their own pace.
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    A very very wise man once said “it’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow”.

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    I vote for the younger the their own pace. My dad started us very young, I was riding on his tank when I was too little to be on the back (probably frowned on these days) then he would run along side of us letting the clutch out on his Garelli 75cc running beside us the entire time until we were able to balance. He really got his exercise because he had to run along to pull that clutch back in to get us stopped even after we were able to balance. We also learned to balance without sitting, on a little Pranafa Playboy scooter on which we could stand or sit. My brother was only 2 when he started riding that scooter, he had to stand because he was too short to reach the seat. I don't know about other families but we rode almost everyday and somehow, none of us ever took an interest in doing competition, we all just liked riding for fun. I forgot to mention, my mom and dad rode this little scooter too and when my older cousins came to visit while on leave from the Navy, they had a blast riding that little thing too.

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    You never did mention his age
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    Quote Originally Posted by ejfranz View Post
    I had my son on a pw50 at age 4. He could ride a bicycle without training wheels and had ridden with me many times.
    The pw50 has a throttle screw that limits its speed. As they get more skill you can allow more speed.
    I started fairly young myself and have had nephews that started young as well. The most important thing is to not put him in a situation that can be frustrating (i.e., falling a lot or getting hurt) which could put a damper on his enthusiasm. My nephews had a few tumbles and quickly lost interest. The PW50 is a good choice as it has that motorcycle look but functions similar to a minibike and is very low to the ground (making falls less dramatic). The throttle control will help prevent it from getting into a 'run away' situation if he has trouble backing off the gas if it takes off on him.

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    No such thing as too young for motorcycling IMO. As soon as it's possible for them to sit on one with your assistance is a good time to start So pretty much when they're born...haha.

    IMO the Honda CRF50 is by far the best choice for young riders. So much that I would argue it's pretty much the only choice. I wish my dad had bought me a dirt bike when I was five!
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