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Thread: Recall!

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    Not sure if anyone here is affected but just in case.

    Harley recalls nearly 46,000 motorcycles | Fox News

    It won't be greed which destroys America. It will be envy.

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    Harley-Davidson Motor Co. said in documents that gas bubbles can cause the clutch master cylinder to lose its ability to fully disengage the clutch, especially if the bike has been parked for a long time.
    No big deal, how many Harleys actually spend time parked? Harley riders love to ride, I can tell because I see a ton of Harley Davidson stickers on the backs of pickup trucks every day while I'm riding to work.
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    95% of "ALL" harleys bought before 2000 are still on the road..---------------------------------------pause----------------------------------- the remaining 5% made it home......OMM.
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    That reminds me of the story-------What do Harley Davidson's and German Shepard's have in common? They both love to ride in the back of pickups!!!

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    Oh boy, somebody stirred the Hardley Ableson pot again.
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    Ill play My sporty is by far the most reliable, easiest to maintain, most smiles on my face bike Ive ever owned in the last 35 years. I will say Im not a Harley guy.............Im a sportster guy. Just ask any "real" Harley guy.......they will tell you.....a sporty is not really a Harley.
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    I've always liked HDs. It's an American Icon whether we like it or not, and whether its made in America or not. But man, NOT ALL, but some of the guys who ride em are something else...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWROG View Post
    I will say Im not a Harley guy.............Im a sportster guy. Just ask any "real" Harley guy.......they will tell you.....a sporty is not really a Harley.
    I felt that way once. Even felt compelled to explain; "it's a 1200 Sportster not 883". This didn't go very far either.

    Sometimes I mumble to myself about having to replace a clutch cable, after reading about the recall, not so much. Tell me there's no "fly by wire" clutches yet!

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    Did they say anything about the effects of trailer time?

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    The Sportster is still my favorite H-D. It is the strongest motor they make (not the most H.P.-the most durable). Nothing ever goes wrong with them internally, unlike the big twins that they're constantly changing (cam set-up, cam chain tensioners, etc...). The biggest change of late was 11 yrs. ago! (rubber mounted it).
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