Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad
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Thread: Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad

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    Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad

    A friend of mine is selling his 1999 Kawasaki Vucan Nomad it's been garage kept, no scratches and low Milage. He is asking $3,500 I'm not really in the market for a large cruiser but this seems like a good deal. What do you think? I'm sure at the least it needs new tires.


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    For the year it's a little high but given the customization and condition I would say it's about right. Just have to find someone that appreciates it. Check this site out as a general guide to used bike prices but keep in mind they tend to low ball their estimates by quite a lot:

    1999 Kawasaki VN1500G1 Vulcan Nomad Prices and Values - NADAguides
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    I have a 2006 Nomad. Best damned bike I've ever owned. Super comfortable. Very customizable. Great long-distance cruisers. Short enough for my 5'4" self, but well balanced so it's not too heavy to handle. Only trouble it's given me has been my own fault - I killed the battery after leaving the key in park instead of off position - and the dealer's fault - they busted my radiator and never told me (fixed the problem this weekend). Very dependable bike. I'll run this guy til he falls apart.

    If that bike looks as good up close as it does from the picture, snap it up.

    I found this site invaluable when researching how easy this bike would be to maintain and customize: Vulcan Gadgets Fixit Page For Kawasaki Nomad & Classic Modification Maintenance & Repair
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