Any GN400 Experience out there?
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    Any GN400 Experience out there?

    I have a student who just bought a GN400 that he wanted me to look at. Appear to be mostly there, just long time neglected. Engine moves and has compression. Carb feels like its full of honey. Shifting shaft has stripped teeth. Tank has rust issues. He got it for near free and wants help bringing it back. I guess my question here is it worth the $500-600 it would likely take to get it to a reasonable running shape? I really have no experience with this model. If I remember right its motor was a transplant from the SP400 enduro. I have vague memories of that bike. Interwebs is pretty thin on these models. Mostly they appear to have been bobbed or scrambled. Doesn't seem like they get much love in factory trim.
    So any body have any experience with these?
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    I've worked on them.While there's not much aftermarket support they are still a rugged simple bike. Kind of like a bigger Dub.

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